Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daniel Radcliffe to quit acting?

The famous Harry potter star Daniel Radcliffe will quit acting for a career in movie direction, says his co-star Jason Isaacs. If it is this true then who will play the lead role in the further Harrypotter film series it will be a big question for Warner Bros. Company.

Daniel Radcliffe to quit acting?

He Has just started acting since he was 11 years old and now he is of 19. Is he got tired with acting ? According to his age he just putting first step in acting, but he wants to quite acting and wants to choose another field of Hollywood.

His co-star Jason Isaacs plays opposite role of Lucius Malfoy in the Harry potter film. when he talk to reporters he said that this friend and lead star of this film wants to make his carrier in directing or producing. well at this age the thinking of Daniel Radcliffe is great but looks very hard.

He has a long Hollywood career ahead of him but not as an actor, reports said. The Daniel Radcliffe is a such good actor and we can see that in the film. this 12 July his new film Harry potter and the half blood prince is going to release.There were always something new in this film series. This is the 6th film and according to its promo it must be attractive film. But we must say best of luck to Daniel Radcliffe for his new film carrier.

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Anonymous said...

He'll still be in the Harry Potter films, if he does quit acting it will be after those are finished, because he has already been contracted to do them all and they are already filming Deathly Hallows.

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