Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jon and Kate announcement spoiler

Jon and Kate plus 8 promises in to the promo for weekday night’s primary program that the crenellate both modules present a field statement.
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According to the status tells Rader now, Jon and Kate was divorce in current time. Now, both of these famous actors decided to select his\her Owen way. According to the maker, Kate Gosline met with her lawyer for her divorce and another maker says that the couple had last united to remove on July 15, 2009.

Radar also maintains internal noesis that for every intention and purpose, the wedlock is already over and Jon Gosselin unit file separate papers incoming week. Meanwhile, People reports that Jon was apartment labour in New Royalty City this morning, increase supplying rumors that a Gosselin separate is imminent.

The stars of Jon & Kate plus 8 hit unintentionally utilized reality televisions to program the reality of disentanglement, intense wedding. And they’ve finished it to success ratings this taste as media frenzy around the battling pair grew by apiece newborn development:

Jon and Kate will talk about what a toll the media (news channel) has had on their family. As a result, the actuality pair will choose to put their television show sideways for the sake of the children and their wedding.

What does the Jon and Kate announcement spoiler allude to? Alright, who's among me? Anybody agree?? Do not tell me you are all siding with the people who wonder separation? Unluckily, we will all require waiting in suspense until Monday (9PM ET) to discover what the actual deal is. However for now, vote on what you think will occur.

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Jackie jackson | Jackson family | Randy jackson | Rebbie jackson | Latoya jackson | Jermaine jackson

The Jackson family is an USA one of the family of musical group who create from Gary, Indiana and after move to Encino, California. The Jacksons are very famous and popular for featuring various members of the relations who prejudiced and shaped the sound of famous music.
randy jackson, rebbie jackson, jackie jackson, latoya jackson, jermaine jackson
With the innovative achievement of The Jackson 5, the biggest sons of Joseph Walter and Katherine Esther Jackson: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael set the family on a path of musical achievement that increase with younger siblings including La Toya Jackson, Randy and, especially, Janet. Eldest sister Rebbie also had a brief victorious music vocation.

The approval of The Jackson 5 lead the group to become known as the "First Family of Soul"; the sustained achievement of Michael and Janet's vocation as solo artists led the Jackson's and than he known as the "Royal Family of Pop".

Members of the Jackson relations have been the topic of heavily exposed controversy and correct imbroglios, most particularly allegation of kid abuse against Michael in 1993, his illegal test in 2005, and Janet's contentious Super Bowl halftime presentation in 2004.

Currently, certain member of the relations has been privileged for their work: in 1997 The Jackson 5 were introduce to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Michael would follow the group to the hall in year of 2001. In 2002, Joseph was recognized as "the best musical director of all time" by the Hall in Cleveland. The Jacksons, Michael and Janet all established stars on the Hollywood Walk of celebrity in 1980, 1984 and 1990 in that order.

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Angelina Jolie on CNN show for World Refugee Day

Gods says “All woman have soft heart” and is really indeed. Hollywood most famous Anjelina Jolie tears was fall on during speech on TV on Thursday for the plight of refugee children across the world.
Angelina Jolie on CNN show for World Refugee Day

A goodwill ambassador Anjelina jolie from United Nations was emerged at CNN show with Anderson Cooper’s to highlight the cause ahead of Word Refugee Day on Saturday.

The actress, United Nations goodwill ambassador, appeared on Anderson Cooper's CNN show stresses cause before World Refugee Day on Saturday.

And mother-and six Jolie fought back tears, he compared his own children, who he has seen live in poverty and suffering wartorn countries.

Recalling one 15-year-old boy she met, Jolie said, "He was shot in the back and paralyzed, and his entire family had died, and she had no one in the world. And yet he was really strong, unbreakable spirit. He had lost everything. He was so full of laughter and kindness, and he died.

Standing ovations emphasized emotional ceremony Thursday marking World Refugee Day - some of them led by Angelina Jolie. Star, along with the rest of audience was visibly moved as they heard first hand stories of the refugees who have been moved to the United States. They were also able to cheer the Internet via the camera in addition to students in school is the Chad refugee camps.

Since unexpected situations in which the expected guests were not able to do in Washington, DC, event. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had broken his elbow by accident, while the schedule of the host Anderson Cooper suffered from the problems of flight, so Ann Curry fill in.

"Young people you meet, and you can not help but think, in all other situations, what an extraordinary adults they would have been.

"I think that her and I can not complain of anything. He was grateful for that, and he did not have anything. And there are millions like him."

He had also moved to 8-year-old orphan she befriended in Tanzania: "He wants fled the fighting. He saw his family killed in front of him.

"My son (Maddox) on 8 August, and I can not imagine, if something has happened in my family, him grabbing her little brother (Pax), and going somewhere themselves. It was she." He carried in him and fed him. And they ran a two-week period

source :

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North Korea Hawaii missile

It may be happen that North Korea fire long rang ballistic missile to ward Hawaii in early July it may be 4th July holiday. The report states that a Taepodong-2 with a range of near about 4,000 miles would be launched from North Korea’s northwestern coast.
US Prepares for Possible Missile Launch
North Korea missile launched in the month of April travel just below 2,000 miles before decrease into the Pacific. That was regarding to twice the distance traveled by a same missile launched in 1998. North Korea also launched a missile in 2006 however it fizz shortly after take off.

The report specifies that the missile could fly over Japan, and then carry on toward Hawaii. The missile likely would not reach Hawaii, however the act would be a clear aggravation next to the America.

It would also be a direct confront to Barack Obama, as Hawaii is his home state. It is risky for North Korea and the America are already high after North Korea behavior it’s one more nuclear test on May 25, and launched a sequence of missiles into the ocean. The U.N. fated the events and compulsory extra sanctions on North Korea.
A missile launch toward Hawaii would be a clear message to the America and the world. North Korea is annoying with all its might to get arms that can intimidate the America and its neighbors and will carry on doing so no topic what economic or diplomatic pressure are located on it.

This is second time when this type of testing is completed. After this North Korea is already completed nuclear test. According to the America counter proliferation official, now, the America government is not seeing arrangements for launch of a long-range Taepodong-2 missile, sometimes short-handed as a TD-2. The official said a launch a bit in the prospect could not be lined out however it is too soon to be seeing ground arrangements for a launch around July 4.

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Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart Life & Style June 2009 photo

Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart Life & Style

Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart are become a Life & Style June 2009 magazine cover. Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart are stick on the front page. Life & style magazine is published her June month issue. You can see the main front page photo here. Kristen Jaymes Stewart is seeing on the Robert Pattinson.

Life & Style magazine June 2009 Cover Story Headline: "Yes, We are dating". Magazine published on the date 26 June 2009 in the market.

On the behind kate plus 8 Kristen stick on the page. Under kate photo you can see Brand pitt photo.

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Ryan Reynolds | Ryan Reynolds june Entertainment Weekly 2009 magazine photo

Ryan Reynolds Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly published her June month issue. First Entertainment Weekly is published her magazine in United States. Canadian television actor Ryan Reynolds is stick on the Entertainment Weekly front page. Entertainment Weekly was shoots photo of Ryan Reynolds.

Entertainment Weekly June 2009 covers Headline: "Ryan Reynolds - Our New Favorite Leading Man"

United Entertainment Weekly will publish this month issue on the26 June 2009. Issue no. is: 1053/1054.

Ryan Reynolds Entertainment WeeklyRyan Reynolds Entertainment Weekly
Ryan Reynolds Entertainment WeeklyRyan Reynolds Entertainment Weekly

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Iza Calzado | Iza Calzado June Mega magazine 2009

 Iza Calzado Mega magazine

Actress of the Filipina Hollywood Iza Calzado is becomes a Mega magazine cover. Mega magazine shoots the photo of Iza Calzado. Mega magazine published her June month issue. This issue was publication by Mega Country from Philippines.

Mega magazine June Cover Story Headline: "Iza Calzado - Embodies the designer’s ideal wearing creations of the 8th Mega YDC Winners"

Iza Calzado is wearing yellow clothes. Her hair color is brown. She looks at you with waiting eye. His hands touched behind poster.

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Gia carangi last photo shoot

Gia carangi last photo shootGia carangi last photo shoot
Gia Carangi born 29. January 1960 in Philadelphia. In 1977, Gia left for New York to start her modeling career. She was a model of mere accident. As Gia was letting lose at the local Disco, a photographer saw her, and asked to take her picture. gia marie carangi picturesGia began dancing wild around the bar, arms stretched out, hair in her eyes and squealing like a school girl. When the images reached the desk of Vogue magazine, there was no stopping her.

Her first big modeling job was with Gianni Versace when she was 18 years. She was a bit of a change from the typical blonde hair-blue eye model so that all the most beautiful of women. Gia changed all this. Within the next year Gia was one of the biggest models of the late 1970s.Gia was immediately swept into the fashion world.

She never went through the tough rejections that other models faced; she was considered a "rare gem" in the modeling business. Partially due to supermodel Janice Dickinson's success, the need for more ethnic looking models was in. She was seen striking, and was a hit with all the photographers.

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Delhi police recruitment 2009

Delhi police logo
Delhi police recruitment conducts recruitment for
i) Constable
ii) Ministerial Cadre
iii) Sub-Inspector
iv) Assistant Commissioner of Police

Download Delhi Police Recruitment form HERE

Delhi Police Recruitment site :

Delhi Police Recruitment Notice Board HERE




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Rahul Gandhi Birthday Photo

rahul gandhi birthday photo

It established a model for a birthday - a cake, balloons, flowers and crackers, but birthday boy was missing.

This place was out of the 24, Akbar Road Congress headquarters, where a large number of Congress Rahul Gandhi on Friday morning 39. Gathered to celebrate the birthday.

However, Gandhi, a party in the Lok Sabha elections as the architect of victory in the party circles, as he was called out in a foreign country is not present.

Phool Singh, a supporter, the young Gandhi as prime minister wants to see, the Amethi MP's long life to pray for a 'haven (yang)"organized with the help of two priests.

"We're celebrating the birthday of their leader. As prime minister, we want to see her. He who thinks about the welfare of the country, the only leader," Singh, "as the mantra (hymn) 'air fares said.

A group of young people burst crackers and distributed sweets, but when they could not complete their leader was disappointed.

"He said that the imagination of young people has been removed. We in the image of his father Rajiv Gandhi's view Jitendra, a young pro, the slogan of the All India Congress Committee general secretary, has taken eulogizing

rahul gandhi birthday photo

rahul gandhi birthday photo

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Download Microsoft security essentials

Download Microsoft security essentials
Microsoft has confirmed plans to release a beta version of Microsoft Security Essentials, a new free anti-malware software, Tuesday 23. June at about 9 am Pacific. Microsoft Security Essentials, previously known by the project name, "Fun" will replace the Windows Live OneCare, which included both the security and value for $ 49.95 per year.

Last November, Microsoft explained its decision to phase out Windows Live OneCare to say that a product more focused on security would serve consumers better. The company will stop selling Windows Live OneCare through retail channels at the end of June. Microsoft Security Essentials works Windows XP, Windows Vista and upcoming Windows 7 operating system, according to the company. It is designed to require less space and less computing resources to be useful for less powerful PCs, and in situations with limited bandwidth.

But the software, Microsoft claims, offers the same protection as the company's enterprise malware products that provide, or attempt to provide protection against viruses, spyware, rootkits and Trojans. Amy Barzdukas, senior technology director of product management for Online Services and Windows Division at Microsoft, said in November that customers will be comprehensive, continuous protection against new and existing threats "and that this new free offering will enable the company to reach more customers , particularly in new markets.

Free seems way consumer security market yesterday. Panda Security began offering Panda Antivirus Cloud free in April. AVG Technologies and Symantec also has free security products. The goal of such products is often to convince users to pay for more extensive protection. It is also the value obtained from analyzing data from many users about active threats.
For download check the site HERE

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Morgan freeman affair

Sources revealed the details behind the actor Morgan Freeman's divorce from his wife of 25 years, claiming that he held a 10-year affair with his 27-year-old step granddaughter. According to the National Inquirer, Freeman, 72, was part of an extramarital relationship with his step grandchildren that began when she was still a teenager. The alleged affair is played from the heart of his wife, Myrna, and also led to breaking up with his long time mistress, Mary Joyce Hays.
Morgan freeman affair

The source claimed to be a "close family insider" and explained the details of the relationship between Freeman and his step grandchildren, E'Dena Hines. The actor and wife Myrna traveled Hines, who is the granddaughter of his first wife, since she was little."

The actor agreed to let the child alone, after he was confronted with Myrna, but the source insists the two long-term relationship for years. In recent years, Hines is Morgan date to more events and premium services including screenings of "The Dark Knight". "Nobody thought anything of it, because she would be introduced as his" grandchildren" The family insider said. "It is not technically incest, because they are not related by blood, but Morgan try desperately to keep his divorce with the open court, so that all the shameful facts will not be published."

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Cash for clunkers program

Cash for clunkers program
The Senate passed Cash for Clunkers program today, providing consumers with cars that get less than 18 miles per gallon the ability to turn them into a $ 3,500 or $ 4,500 cash coupon. The bill was almost turned by the Republicans, but Democratic support saved the day in part due to Obama's lobbying of the program. The president still needs to sign the bill in the law.

Although many people believe that the program is designed to reduce global warming emissions through the eradication of gas guzzling cars, its true purpose is to help struggling automakers and car dealers with new car sales. A person who receives a credit as part of the program can not buy a used car with harmony. Car sales in 2009 are predicted to be almost half of what they were in 2008.

The bill was sponsored by Senator Debbie Stabenow a Michigan Democratic and one of the countries most affected by the turmoil in the auto industry. When the bill came, Stabenow said: This is a crisis for families and small businesses - for an industry that is the backbone of our economy in a generation. "

The program will be conducted by the Transport Department and this is expected to happen by August. As part of their duties, transport Department will create a public website for consumers and retailers to get more information, will certify the "cash for clunkers" program dealers and distribute coupons.

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Neha Ahmad: Foxy Cleopatra in Sunday Magazine photoshoot

Pakistan, a black model Neha Ahmed Nomi Ansari's latest collection for a fashion photo shoot done. This picture of Pakistan Sundy published in weekly magazine fashion shoot. Fusing color and flattering cut in from the fear of the former. Ethnically inspired collection is the right color, right side embroidery and oomph!
Neha Ahmad: Foxy Cleopatra – Sunday Magazine

Neha Ahmad: Foxy Cleopatra – Sunday MagazineNeha Ahmad: Foxy Cleopatra – Sunday MagazineNeha Ahmad: Foxy Cleopatra – Sunday MagazineNeha Ahmad: Foxy Cleopatra – Sunday MagazineNeha Ahmad: Foxy Cleopatra – Sunday MagazineNeha Ahmad: Foxy Cleopatra – Sunday Magazine

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Snollygoster definition

Snollygoster can be define as, followed a politician who is not involved in helping his voters however is instead force by individual increase of wealth. A stupid fight this week in Gloucester has leaded to the Tory applicant difficult that the session Labour MP Issue all his fixed cost so that voters “could see he isn’t a snollygoster”.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), it starts life as two German words: schnelle geister, sense “quick spirits”. A schnelle geister was a frightening, ethereal ghost, and a snollygoster was a famous fiend in Maryland, America, planned to fright the former slaves into not voting.

In the 19th Century, snollygoster was applies to intentionally doubtful citizens. Today, the OED carefully define it as “a shrewd, dishonest person, particularly a politician”. You know the sort – the type who would maintain attention on an advance that does not exist.

Unhappily, snollygoster is not well used, and its rare recurrence at all times demand a meaning. Ex, the Columbus Dispatch, in Ohio, was thankful when it got help in 1895. It said: “A Georgia editor gently explains that a snollygoster is a fellow who needs office despite of party, stage or principle, and who, whenever he win, gets there by pure power of colossal talknophical assumnacy.”

The Nebraska State periodical used the word even more suitably in 1915. According to him, “They once know a stingy old snollygoster that used to appear in the reproduce to see a mirror image of a saint.”

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Maine moose lottery 2009

Head Department of internal Fisheries and Wildlife official Roland “Danny” Martin proclaim this week that the 2009 Moose allow Lottery sketch will be hold on this Thursday, June 18 2009 at the University of Maine at Fort Kent.
Maine moose lottery 2009
This is the very first moment the lottery-drawing event has been hold in the St. John Valley. The Moose allow Lottery Drawing has been hold at dissimilar places all through it includes sate, Millinocket, Boothbay Harbor, Old Town, Bucksport, Scarborough, Presque Isle, Rumford, Phippsburg and Kittery. In last year, this event was hold as the Kittery Trading Post.

According to Commissioner Martin, “This yearly event typically draws a big throng of outside enthusiast, and persons that have practical for the moose chase,” “He need to thank UMFK leader Richard price for hosting this year’s event, and a particular thanks to Senator Troy Jackson and Representative John Martin for serving to organize the drawing.”

He was adding, a preparation group includes of local officials and people from the St. John Valley and Aroostook County will be shape to help organize the drawing. The Greater Fort Kent Area Chamber of Commerce will be supplementary in helping to endorse the event.

“This event will be held in a big ability at the UMFK university grounds, there will be abundance of chance for local businesses, including sporting (hunting & fishing) businesses, to endorse Aroostook County and show their products,” Martin said. “We give confidence these businesses and association to location their deal booths and their exhibit at this year’s event.”

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Kristen Bell Hawaiian Beach Photo

Kristen Bell out on the beach in Hawaii

Kristen Bell was in a smoking hot aqua blue bikini as she hits the beach in Hawaii with boyfriend Dax Shepard at her side, "forget Sarah Marshall" actress and her husband splashed around in the water to find the perfect perch to catch a little sunshine

Kristen Bell out on the beach in Hawaii Kristen Bell out on the beach in Hawaii Kristen Bell out on the beach in Hawaii Kristen Bell out on the beach in Hawaii Kristen Bell out on the beach in Hawaii Kristen Bell out on the beach in Hawaii

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

US open golf tv schedule 2009

June 18, Thursday
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM - ESPN
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM - NBC
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM - ESPN
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM - ESPN (replay)

June 19, Friday
2:30 AM - 5:30 AM - ESPN2 (replay)
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM - ESPN
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM - NBC
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM - ESPN
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM ESPN (replay)

June 20, Saturday
3:00 AM - 6:00 AM - ESPN (replay)
2:00 PM - 8:00 PM - NBC

June 21, Sunday
3:00 AM - 6:00 AM - ESPN (replay)
1:30 PM - 7:30 PM - NBC

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Lawcet 2009 results | lawcet 2009

Law Common Entrance Test known as LAWCET. LAWCET 2009 is conducted by Sri Venkateswara University (SVU), Tirupati. This university is on behalf of the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE).

Results Date: June 18th
Results Time: 4:30 PM

Check your result HERE

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Obama Kills Ninja Video

Obama Kills Fly Like a Ninja! Barely Political exposes the deeper meaning behind Obama's ninja swat.

Obama Kills Fly Like a Ninja!

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America army 3 problems

America's Army admirer and latest players similar can now knowledge America's Army 3, the official united state of America. Army game, which has extra genuine armed rudiments including preparation, skill, arms, and audio than any other armed game.
Construct on dreamlike Engine 3, AA3 delivers attractively sagacious characters, environment, lighting effects, animation, and team-based experience. In the game where Every feature Counts™, players are jump by Rules of appointment (ROE) and gain knowledge as you steer challenges in team-based, multiplayer, force-on-force process.
America army 3 problems

With 15 dissimilar map/assignment combination and select higher preparation that permit you to unlock new capability and modify your gear, you will experience Soldiering in the America. Army similar to never before.

USA's military 3 features five separate environments - each with three dissimilar assignment situation choices for a total of 15 dissimilar map/assignment combination.

Player’s first finish essential battle preparation and then development to higher individual preparation for a variety of particular roles, like advanced rifleman, automatic rifleman, group chosen marksman and grenadier.

The military launch USA’s military on July of 2002, and has released main updates
to the game in some months. These releases characteristic latest technologies, missions,military units, and occupation. In custody with the active nature of Soldiering, the
USA’s Army game will carry on to expand and permit players to discover the military
of today, tomorrow and in future.

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Lenovo Idea pad s12 net book

Lenovo's Idea Pad S12 net book promise is first net book that can critically grip high-def tasks, with a 12.1" display and the capability to play rear 1080p happy (via the HDMI o\p, of course) in "silky smooth" style.
Lenovo Goes Ion With 12.1
If that where not sufficient, Lenovo also made certain to sanctify this machine with a 100persentage full size keyboard, amazing that's extremely uncommon on net books. In fact, we'd say the taut, frequently misshaped keyboards are the worst attribute on net books.

Lenovo Goes Ion With 12.1
With this device, it is similar to typing on some standard 15.4" notebook. Nice touch, Lenovo. The manufacturer expects to begin delivery the S12 next month with cost starting at $449, although the Ion version will price $499.
Lenovo Goes Ion With 12.1
Still, for a net book by a full size keyboard, Ion graphics and a six compartment battery fine for almost six hours of life, that is not a many inquire. Spectacles include 1GB of RAM, 160GB HDD, a 4-in-one card reader, a 3-cell battery and an Express Card slot for 3G expandability. It provides all the new features.

Something about Lenovo Idea pad s12 net book

Price: $449,
Display: 12.1 WXGA (1280 X 800) LED 200 nit, 250g
Processor: Intel Atom N270
Graphics: Intel integrated GMA 950, Nvidia ION
Memory (RAM): Up to 1GB DDR2 533 MHz
Hard Drive (ROM): Up to 160 GB SATA (160, 250, 320)
Battery Life: 3 hours with 3-cell, 6 hours with 6-cell
Weight: 1.4kg with 3 cells, 1.55kg with 6 cells
Dimensions: 292 X 216 X 22-28.9mm
Software: XP Home SP3 (32 bit)
Connectivity: 10/100m Ethernet, Broadcom 578M, Intel WiFi Link 5150 1X2 AGN, Intel WiFi Link 5100 1X2 AGN, Non-Intel wireless b/g, Non-Intel wireless b/g/n, Bluetooth
Other: 3 USB, 1 Express card slot (Intel and VIA platforms), 4-in-1 card reader, VGA, RJA45, HDMI
Lenovo Goes Ion With 12.1
Lenovo Goes Ion With 12.1
Lenovo Goes Ion With 12.1
Lenovo Goes Ion With 12.1
Lenovo Goes Ion With 12.1

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Morgan freeman granddaughter

Morgan Freemen is one of the Hollywood actors. He works very hard in his work (acting). He is one of the popular and very famous Hollywood actors. Many are penetrating for his granddaughter who most likely needs to follow in his ladder and become an actor.
Morgan Freeman Granddaughter
Morgan Freeman is 72 year old. He has supposedly been carrying on a matter with his step-granddaughter, E'Dena Hines, who is 27 year old, according to the nationwide Enquirer. The report claim that the matter begin when Hines was in her adolescence.

Morgan Freeman and his wife (Myrna Colly-Lee), who is 24 year old field Divorce in August 2008. Now Public say he had taken his grand daughter to the Hollywood film opening of a Dark Knight, just previous to his divorce filling.

Hines attends from Drew University where she deliberates theatre. Her recommence can be seen here. Her Face book account demonstrates she is a fan of Ossie Davis, Barack Obama, and Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman has two sons from previous to his wedding. He married two times in his life. After one wedding he decided to divorce it. His affair with his granddaughter.

He accepts his first wife's daughter and also had a daughter with his first wife. It is not obvious which of Freeman's four children the parent of E’Dena is. He is one of the famous actors in Hollywood but because of his not good relation he becomes very infamous.

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Sridevi Marriage | Sridevi vijaykumar Marriage Photos

One of the pretty actresses in Southern movie industry SriDevi is enter into marriage life. Her marriage announced with Rahul. The wedding event performed at the 7:31 p.m to 9:00 p.m. The function hall decided for this grand event is at Srivaru Venkatachalapati Palace.

There is a wedding reception at Hyderabad, which will be held on 21st June at Novotel & HICC Complex. Some of the most noted personalities in Tollywood and Kollywood would be seen during the occasion.

Sridevi vijaykumar MarriageSridevi vijaykumar Marriage

Sridevi vijaykumar MarriageSridevi vijaykumar Marriage

Sridevi vijaykumar MarriageSridevi vijaykumar Marriage

Sridevi vijaykumar MarriageSridevi vijaykumar Marriage

Sridevi vijaykumar MarriageSridevi vijaykumar Marriage

Sridevi vijaykumar MarriageSridevi vijaykumar Marriage

Sridevi vijaykumar MarriageSridevi vijaykumar Marriage

Sridevi vijaykumar MarriageSridevi vijaykumar Marriage

Sridevi vijaykumar MarriageSridevi vijaykumar Marriage

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