Monday, June 15, 2009

Surat gangrape photo and video

Anger flowed out into the streets on Saturday, a day after a 17-year-old school girl was gangraped by three youths in a moving car. A 100-Odd strong mob converged on the New Civil Hospital when the police took the three accused to collect their semen and blood samples, in a bid to teach them a lesson.

The police had arrested Shahid Saiyed, Tarik Saiyed and Abubakar Shaikh, all residents of Surat Bhagatalo area Friday even though the costs for the kidnapping and rape school girl and catch the action on your mobile phone.

The mob, which included women, punched and kicked two of the accused as soon as the police led them out of the hospital. The five policemen follow them had to call for reinforcements. It was only after police threatened to open fire on the mob dispersed, while the three youths were taken away and locked inside a hospital room to keep attackers at bay.

Surat gang raper photo.......

Surat gangrapeSurat gangrape
Surat gangrapeSurat gangrape
Surat gangrapeSurat gangrape
Surat gangrapeSurat gangrape


Link Building said...

They should be hanged!

madboy said...

mari nakhva sivay ano kay rasto nathi apado potano pichvado apde potej saf karvo pade bijo koy n kari ape

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