Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Processors Intel® Core™2 Quad

Desktop PC, enabled by powerful multi-core technology and visual workload designed to handle heavy calculations for Intel ® Core ™ 2 Quad processor introduction.
Intel® Core™2 Quad Processors
You all so much for the next generation of threaded applications, the latest Intel Core 2 Quad four-core processors built on 45nm Intel ® Core ™ are the bandwidth needs to be active, fast coolers micro architecture, noise and desktop PC and workstation experience to provide .

Also, the optional Intel ® vPro ™ technology, you, the diagnosis, remove the ability to separate and have done wirelessly and outside of the firewall repair infected desktop and mobile workstations, then the PC, or OS is unresponsive close is.

Watch Video Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor

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Friday, April 17, 2009

World Cup 2011 No Matches In Pakistan:ICC

Dubai: Pakistan's right to host the 2011 World Cup in the country in an uncertain security situation 'due to have been away for the International Cricket Council said on Friday.
"This is a regrettable decision (but) our number one priority is to create certainty and has reached a safe and successful event," ICC president David Morgan said in a statement
No World Cup matches in Pakistan
Pakistan were due to co India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to host the ceremony. ICC Executive Board meeting, Australia and New Zealand during the first day of the strength of Pakistan's 2011 World Cup co-host of the games opposed.

David Morgan said, "I am sorry for taking this decision, but to ensure the safety of cricket players has been done to." Secretariat, the World Cup now will be moved from Lahore and now the World Cup Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh will host the matches.

According to sources, India's support to India in this regard but it was expected that failed to expand. Sri Lanka's team reports in the Lahore attack on the top of the meeting were presented.

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Miranda heads of the main road with the Orlando officer

Orlando Bloom Miranda Kerr yesterday in North Carolina to steal a kiss from a main road took a break from filming. The moment just a couple of lovely PDA to see the engagement, we will look very good couples that are in the middle of one of the reasons are. When you beautiful Orlando that is looking sexy in his uniform on as they were separated on a supermodel is his eyes, it seems.

Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Main Street

Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Main Street

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Nokia perceive Stipulate calm

Nokia Corp. on Thursday reported a 90% fall in first-quarter income, but the world's top cell phone producer said it adage signs of steady command in the hunch receiver market.

Nokia supposed even as it does observe the first signs of faithfulness in the mobile phone souk, it is too early on to say whether the descend in user requirement has accomplish pedestal.

The souk is no longer diminishing in an hysterical scheme, I am optimistic by the symbols of stabilization seen at the conclusion of the first quarter," said Nokia Chief Management Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo during a meeting call.

Nokia said net revenue in the three months ruined March 31 crash down to €122 million ($161.3 million) from €1.22 billion preceding year. Auction fell to €9.27 billion from €12.66 billion a year former.

Mobile-phone makers are still spool from a prickly plummet in user expenditure. Nokia said it sold 93.2 million handsets for the duration of the first quarter, down 19% from a year previous and down 18% from the fourth quarter.

Nokia recap it anticipate 2009 trade mobile-device level to collapse some 10% from 2008 levels, with a large amount of the protest to occur in the first half of this year. It look forward to volumes in the second quarter to be even or to some extent up on the first quarter.

The company's first-quarter marketplace contributes to stay behind smooth from the fourth quarter at 37%, in line with its attitude from January. Its normal selling price trip a bit to € 65 from €71 last quarter.

Nokia shares have go down 48% in the past year, bottoming out at a by 10-year low of €6.91 before spring back harshly in the past month. Shares climb up after the income proclamation to deal about 10% higher early Thursday on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

Nokia said it grow smart-hone market divide in the first quarter due to full-bodied sales of its 5800 touch-screen device, the E71 business phone and the services that come with them.

Chief Financial Officer Rick Simonson said the company's smart-phone market share increased to 38% in the first quarter from 32% in the fourth quarter of last year.

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Inflation falls to 0.18%

India`s standard extensive price index price rises turn down additional to place at 0.18% for the week wrecked Apr. 4, 2009 as measure up to to 0.26% a week ago. Inflation was at 7.71% during the parallel week of the preceding year.

The dependable refuse in inflation but increasing food prices present a hard choice before the RBI to cut strategy rates or not even as the trade shriek for easing of interest rates.

The index for `non-food articles` group rose by 0.7% due to higher prices of raw rubber (6%), raw cotton (3%) and raw silk (2%). However, the prices of rape & mustard seed (1%) declined.

Index for key articles group rose by 1.1%. The index for `food articles` group rose by 1.2% due to superior prices of fruits & vegetables (6%), arhar (2%) and urad, moong and gram (1% each). However, the prices of tea (1%) declined.

Manufactured products` group rose by 0.1%. The index for `food products` group rose by 0.6% due to higher prices of imported edible oil and rice bran oil (3% each), oil cakes (2%) and khandsari (1%)The index for this `fuel, power, light & lubricants` rose by 0.5% due to higher prices of aviation turbine fuel (12%), naphtha (8%), light diesel oil (3%) and bitumen (2%). However, the prices of furnace oil (1%) declined.

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Rachel in Sunday magazine with fashion jewelry

Pakistani model Rachel

Pakistani model Rachel for the latest jewelry collection Nosheen Aamir said that the weekly fashion magazine published a photo shot on Sunday April 2009. The summer air like crazy, like a gentle caress, a dazzling smile as ... Nosheen Aamir's something special about the jewelry. Jewelry for to satisfy my hunger was made, these pieces prcious them a rustic feel and crazy. Your world with these ornaments painted a shimmering gold and turn heads wherever you go!

To Get More photo Click Here

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Key defender for Man Utd

Cristiano Ronaldo's implausible sixth minute goal, an inexorable strike from 40 yards, gross a 1-0 victory in Estadio do Dragao and manuscript an all-English semi-final knot aligned with Arsenal.

England defender Ferdinand twisted one of his most terrific demonstrate of the season at the reverse to help maneuver the European champions past Porto, who had materialize from the Old Trafford

First-leg with a 2-2 draw previous week.
Ferdinand tangential with a groin grievance bear on intercontinental responsibility earlier this month, United approved five goals in three games adjacent to

Aston Villa, Porto and Sunderland.
Ferguson acknowledges that his come back against Porto at the side of defensive partner Nemanja Vidic gave United the podium from which to trace a prominent win.

Ferguson said: There was a genuine distinction to our concert in the first-leg, but Rio's return actually put down the nitty-gritty for us. He has been a enormous part of our triumph this season alongside Vidic and I have to say that Porto never seem like scoring.

We had been seep out too many goals for a hardly any weeks, but we give the impression of being like we are back to the attitude of not giving goals away yet again.

After what occur in the first-leg, it was forever going to be a tad of a battle to come first in Porto, so it's a big consequence for us."

United turn out to be the first English teams to beat Porto on their own ground by get rid of Jesualdo Ferreira's team.

The hosts had formerly gone triumphant in eleven games at domicile to English conflict, but united midfielder Michael Carrick, who conquer a first-half ankle bang to play a input position for Ferguson's team, be resolute that United always thought they could end Porto's pompous record.

Carrick said:
Apparently it's a harsh

place to come and get a result, but we recognize it was in our hands.
We really nonexistent ourselves to come and score here and secure right. It was a first-class team performance all round and we're charmed to go through.

To get the early goal was a big plus point and from then on, I think we were in control. They approach at us, which you'd anticipate, but we defended very well, even though it was still on a knife-edge.

From going away through, all of a rapid you can be going out, so we were well conscious of that and make out we had to defend right to the final whistle. I thought we did that very well.

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Talent for all the YouTube sensation Susan Boyle - Los Angeles Times trumps

An appearance on 'Britain's Got Talent' propels the 47-year-old singer onto the world stage - with nary a speck of glitz or glamor.
Watch Video Susan Boyle Wow's B'way Star

Susan Boyle, who became a You Tube sensation this week, the British talent show contestant, Thursday morning, made her first American appearance. She said that his fame 'in fact has not yet failed the CBS "Early Show did." That his performance and said that recently died in his mother, was for.

"I for my mother wanted to make it a tribute," Boyle said. "I knew I had to do something. I with it. Has come from the courage to get on was my mother."

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Obama exempts CIA agents 'torture' staff

U.S. President Barack Obama, the Bush era of terrorism suspects to harsh interrogation techniques during CIA agents to use, says will not be prosecuted
Obama exempts CIA 'torture' staff
So Mr. Obama, and simulated drowning as his loss in the first week in office the use of banned methods. Now that the four memos to the CIA under the Bush administration was able to use technologies has released the details of.

Rights groups, his decisions questioned by CIA agents involved in the process of criticism are to protect.

International Department of Justice an apology "from the outside appear to be the gift - free from jail card" that have been involved in acts of torture for people.

Constitutional Rights Center, which also expressed their disappointment "detainees, the war against terrorism has championed legal rights.

"This is the administration's deep disappointment that the former officers of the law where the crime has been to maintain the look is not ready," it said in a statement

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LK Advani Shoe attack video- "a fake iron man"

Slippers attack on LK Advani Live Videos
Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) office bearer Thursday created a sensation by throwing three slipper on senior party leader LK Advani at a public meeting in Madhya Pradesh. Pawas Agraval who is employed by the BJP Party from Katnai hurled slipper at LK Advani. BJP party workers in Katnai accused the Congress party for this. And the Congress party condemned the incident.

Pawas Agraval, threw a slipper which is made of wood on Advani, saying he was "a fake iron man" and does not deserve the BJP's prime ministerial candidate aspirant. They have not lost Advani, but he became the latest victim as a series of shoe-throwing incidents in the country.

In short detail-
Date- 9,4,2009
Day- Thursday
Shoe Type- slipper
Country- madhya pradesh
Name- pawas agraval, worker in BJP part

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Yellow Shirt of The Leader of The Gun-attack 'Against Thai Police Say

Bangkok Thai police protest that shut down airports last year, the leaders of the two shot and injured by the gun to say

Gunmen attack leader of 'yellow shirt' protests

Sondhi Limthongkul, Thailand's "yellow shirt" protest movement's founder, was shot in the shoulder and to his eyebrow and a pickup truck when a bullet grazed by two attackers early today in his car sprayed automatic weapons fire, police Major General King Kwangvisetchaichai said.

Sondhi's People's Alliance for Democracy last year that the Thai Prime Minister Tasking Shinawatra's allies outside the government's demand to resign from the opposition did.

Thailand yellow shirts, which their rivals, the red - including Tasking shirted supporters in the latest round of protests were not included in

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Heidi Klum is pregnant with baby number four

Heidi Klum Expecting Fourth Child
Wonderful Heidi Klum has already three children, and now she pregnant with four Child. Model Heidi Klum is pregnant with child number four. On Thursday Seal announced their reports exposed at Radio City Music Hall in New York. A report on the Internet claimed that the "Project runway" markings host more than three months with child.

Heidi Klum, Expecting Fourth Child,Heidi Klum is pregnant with baby number four

The first baby's name is Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel, and other baby named Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel. The first child born in Los Angeles 12 September 2005. ANTHES Baby also born in Los Angeles on 22 November 2006. The first child is a boy and the other is also a boy. I do not know third child. If you know of his third child, you can give your comment in the comment box. Comment box Bellow on this page.

You can see her fourth child in this video. In this video you'll see Heidi Klum is pregnant. She is near her husband. For more info see this video clip .Seal is also the adoptive father Helene "Leni" Klum, as Heidi did with Flavio Briatore.

Watch Heidi Klum Is Pregnant with Baby No. 4! video-

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Pakistan Zardari to stabilize the country urges support

Tokyo (Reuters) - Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan on Friday in the stable of the international community and called for help in the fight against terrorism, his government gets its share.

Pakistan's Zardari urges support to stabilise country

We fight for the fact that the mother of my children are ready, despite losing, "Zardari's allies in Tokyo, told a House

"I, ... and the challenge out of this difficult time for Pakistan's leadership has taken ... with all humility to ask the world to fight this challenge." Pakistan day after a meeting of aid donors in Japan, the United States and the European Union, including a number of participants, with $ 4 billion expected to poverty alleviation, education and health to try to fund the oath.

The international communit
y that Pakistan is in an economic meltdown, the International Monetary Fund two years from a $ 7.6 billion in debt, with the Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups for the popular support is worried fans can propped up.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Show The South Park Season 13 Episode 6

South Park season 13 episode 6 April, 15 to be released. This animated series in 1997, long after this case was issued began. Randy in this episode that Stan won in this year's Pinewood Derby should say. Stan's plan for Randy to make a winner. In this case played a race car. "South Park, his 13th season" now, and Comedy Central still has a good rating.
South Park season 13 episode 6

South Park Preview Season 13 episode 6 "Pinewood Derby's"

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Henan native vying to be world's tallest New Man

TIANJIN: A 27-year-old contender for the world's tallest man had surgery in a Tianjin hospital on Tuesday to relieve pain from a muscle tendon injury on his left fo
Nearly a decade ago, the world's tallest man continued to Tianjin: a 27-year-old contestant on Tuesday, a Tianjin hospital in his left foot on a lease of muscle pain relief from injury to surgery was. Ot sustained nearly a decade ago.
<br />New Tallest man: Vying
Doctors said the operation was successful.
Zhao Liang is 2.46 m tall - 10 cm taller than Bao Xishun, now recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world's tallest man and 17 cm taller than China's NBA basketball st
Zhao Liang 2.46 meters long - 10 cm taller than Bao Xishun, now Guinness World Records the world's tallest man in China and 17 cm more than the NBA basketball star Yao Ming is recognized as a long. Ar Yao Ming.

Zhao's height has not been independently verified by the Guinness judges, but doctors at Tianjin Anjie Hospital measured his height as part of a medical checkup under the glare of the media

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Show American Idol Season 8 Episode 29

American Idol Finalists to perform live for the nation to take the stage. America's vote and the contestants in the competition to win a week of survival and hope in your heart will sing out. Tune in and be happy that the judges who buckle under pressure to see. Tonight's topic: Movies are performing tonight: Adam Lambert, Chris Gorky, Danny Allison Iraheta Snoopy Desai Matt Allen Lila GIRAUD round of songs.

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Will Electric car take place of petrol car?

Motivation of up to £5,000 to pay for an electric car below government plans to be expose today that will also see the formation of electric car cities across the UK and the initiate of large-scale trial with ultra-green vehicles.

The tender are part of a £250m approach, seen by the Sentinel, enchantment out a rebellion in Britain's road convey net based on ultra-low carbon vehicles. It will be get underway today by Geoff Hoon,

the transport secretary, and Lord Mandelson, the business secretary, with the aspire of kick first the market for cleaner road vehicles and hack the UK's CO2 emissions.

Hoon said the past that decarburizing road carry had a big task in serving the UK meet its aim of tumbling CO2 emissions by 26% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. A little like 35% of all our carbon emissions are caused by household transport, Of that, 58% of the secretion are caused by motor cars."

The focal point of the strategy, in the first occurrence, would be on urban transport. Specified that 60% of voyage by car are under 25 miles, there's no motive why someone using a car for travel on a usual beginning will not be able to allege up their car at home,

Take it to trade and come home again well within the detachment an electric vehicle should be able to travel, The cash encouragement for customers would be offered to make up for the higher blunt costs of electric cars, in meticulous the price of the batteries in current vehicles. The idea, which would be imposed by scenery a maximum for the sum of CO2 a car give off, will become equipped in 2011.

Watch Video Here

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List Of Bollywood's highest tax payers- 2009

SRK slighty lost the race of tax payee: Akshay Kumar
Bollywood Stars give the impression to have compressed the monetary reduce speed. Akshay Kumar turn into the highest tax payer for the year 2008-09 with a tax of Rs 1 crore being spender to the IT Department. Akshay now becomes the maximum and strike the king khan in top tax payee list of Bollywood stars. Shahrukh Khan who was the top tax payee last year slightly lost the competition with Akki this year.

Actress on the list is Kareena, who paid Rs 3.6 crore (Rs 36 million)

2009 Bollywood's highest tax payers list-
  • Akshay Kumar, who paid a staggering Rs 31 crore (Rs 310 million) as taxes.
  • Trailing Akshay by just one point -- Rs 30.99 crore (Rs 309.9 million) -- is King Khan
  • At third place is Salman with Rs 14 crore (Rs 140 million).
  • The chotte nawab paid Rs 8.6 crore (Rs 86 million) as tax,
  • Akshay's pa-in-law Rajesh Khanna ,paid Rs 8.6 crores (Rs 86 million) as tax.
  • The Bachchan bahu paid Rs 4.7 crore (Rs 47 million)
  • Actress on the list is Kareena, who paid Rs 3.6 crore (Rs 36 million)
  • Abhi paid Rs 3.2 crores (Rs 32 million) in taxes

The top ten bollywood stars mutually remunerated Rs 107 crore as taxes while the similar set had paid Rs 90.90 crore in 2007-08 when the financial system was flourishing.

Akshay Kumar also was the most well-liked bollywood star last year thumping the entire khan’s aside. Last year he gave much runaway success and become the uppermost earner of the bollywood.

The supplementary two khans - Salman and Saif were at add up to three and four, having paid Rs 14 crore and Rs 8.6 crore in that order.

Among the bollywood Jodi’s Saif-Kareena are jointly the chief tax payees with Kareena paying Rs 3.7 crore. The twosome undoubtedly strike the Bachchans - Abhishek and Aishwarya - who set at No 8 and No 6 correspondingly.

The olden days superstar Rajesh Khann persist to be among the top Bollywood tax payers, pending at no. 5 paying Rs 6.87 crore most important ahead of Big B (Rs 1.25 crore) who fall to 10 number from last year 7th position.

Akshay Kumar, who paid a staggering Rs 31 crore (Rs 310 million) as taxes.

The supplementary two khans - Salman and Saif were at add up to three and four, having paid Rs 14 crore and Rs 8.6 crore in that order.

Trailing Akshay by just one point -- Rs 30.99 crore (Rs 309.9 million) -- is King Khan

Saif ali khan Rs 8.6 crore tax..

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Angry Ghajini producer signs jiya khan, Jiah In Comic Role

The recitalist met up with the maker on Monday hours of daylight. One of the films that jiya khan has rumor it that been mark for is the much talked-about consequence to Ghajini.

Jiya khan has learnt the qualities of concern. “It’s much too early on to talk about what we’re doing mutually. But the significant thing is, Madhu came onward when he considered I was in a state of affairs. UTV whose film Yahoo I lost have also notice me for a two-film deal.”

Angry Ghajini producer signs jiya khan, Jiah In Comic Role

Why sign Jiah for two movies after firing her?

Jiah shrugs. “I’m too small, too new and too much of an stranger to surveillance on why UTV did what they did. I did work for almost two years on Yahoo.

I carry out a very difficult dance figure with Shahid. And I was very proud of similar steps with Shahid. Like I said it’s not colliery to question why.”

Jiah has also signed Sajid Khan’s House Full where she has two other leading ladies Deepika Padukone and Lara Dutt fighting for Akshay Kumar’s special treatment. But I’ve my own path. And I get to do jesting for the first time.

I was very superior at comedy on the stage school.” Then after a gap she says, “At last I’ve incredible to laugh about. The hurt of refusal and disloyalty is scarcely covered under the ironic laughter.

Hot Kiss Scene of Amitabh Bachchan & Jiya Khan video-

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Fast & Furious has topped the UK box office over Easter

Fast and Furious tops UK bureau chart

Universal action film, which reunites original stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, takes Pole Position in its first weekend of release with almost £ 5 million in box office receipts. Universal action movie "Fast And Furious", the fourth payment in avenue competition series, has whoosh to the top of UK box diagram agency.

Fast and Furious tops UK bureau chart

The UK box office top ten in full:
1. (-) Fast & Furious - £4,928,784
2. (1) Monsters Vs. Aliens - £2,827,416
3. (-) 17 Again - £2,564,102
4. (2) The Boat That Rocked - £965,390
5. (3) Knowing - £619,376
6. (-) Race To Witch Mountain - £581,250
7. (4) Marley & Me - £470,127
8. (-) Dragonball Evolution - £436,224
9. (5) The Haunting In Connecticut - £380,275
10. (6) Paul Blart: Mall Cop - £233,972

Last week's number one enemies Vs. Aliens slips to number two, while 17 Again is a new entry at three. Elsewhere, new releases Race To Witch Mountain and Dragon Ball Evolution type number six and eight respectively.

Comedy 17 Again, where Matthew Perry release in the body to Zac Efron, was the second highest entry this week at number three in the table. Last week the top movie monsters Vs Aliens are still in good built-in number two. supplementary new entries were Disney's Race To Witch Mountain at number six, and Dragon Ball Evolution in the number eight.

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Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Steve-O's a No-Go

In ratings of AMERICAN IDOL: Dancing wit the stars

In razor-sharp distinction to his slip-up on the dance floor covering, Steve-O egress the show elegantly. "It’s forced me to grow as a person, “said Stev. "I’m fantastic thankful." from the time when he has a moment ago been chatting about the show approximately as if it were the 13th step in his rehab course, we can all hope he’ll find amazing else to keep him on the street to revival.

Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Steve-O's a No-Go

"Lacey’s been tremendously enduring with me. occasionally I tend to menstruate." Sam, fright, solid no one in meticulous that "that was a spotless word, don’t worry." The conventional sarcastic final-dance song was a Harold Wheeler edition of Rascal Flats’’ "What Hurts the Most."

I imagine, the line about "mortal so seal" was an mocking mention to Steve and Lacey’s brother-sister energetic, which, as they clarified Monday night, occupied a lot of approved gab and hurt stern ends.

For some impenetrable basis, the show didn’t stage the standard bottom-two dance-off, so we didn’t gain knowledge of which duo had come in second buck after the spectators had weighed in. In no exacting order, four of the remaining eight couples were called out in pairs to be told whether they were safe. First rapper Lil’ Kim (with her partner, Derek Hough) and football player Lawrence Taylor (with Edyta Sliwinska) were told they’d be approaching back next week, the tumbler Shawn Johnson (with Mark Ballas) and "Bachelor" star Melissa Rycroft (with Tony Dovolani) got the advance. But host Tom Bergeron engaged a Sacristan gap with the last couple, saying, "Melissa and Tony…yeah, you’ll be flipside too."

Now that "Dancing With the Stars" is move slowly up on "American Idol" in the ratings, this isn’t the occasion to be larceny from that show. "Yeah, that was appalling," said Tom. "I am embarrassed."

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Mandy feels very lucky and is ready for something new

Details of the Mandy Moore seductively May issue hits newsstands April 21, posed to. She and her new album, Amanda Leigh promoting the first to show what we've seen a lot edgier than is likely to Mandy. The singer and her previous music experience to their new husband about Ryan Adams was opened in an interview.
Mandy Feels

Amanda Leigh on your new album: "Music to me all of an image and do not have any options. If people do not like the music, they do not like me much and it's fine."
He now "dirty" is a pop music past,

say, on the : "I was just to show and what was said to sing .... it was late nineties pop music for you. I myself found in the company of Britney Spears and Christina from my Aguilera, who actually, and had much quality music. I have been scratching their head, 'Wow, is, how sure he is still around? "

Ryan on her husband: "And when it is likely, or by a decision to run or ideas to be able to support the capacity comes to that .... I feel very lucky to have good, You know? "

Mandy's like to dive for her husband with the help of a new career in music, and hope that she will be happy with the results this time around is ready.

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Obamas report 2008 income of $ 2.6 million

Washington - U.S. President and First Lady Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, White House documents released Wednesday show by more than $ 2.6 million in 2008 income reported.

2656902 million dollars to President Obama's book sales come from income by the vast majority of the report, the White House said. The pair paid $ 855,323 in federal income tax, and $ 77,883 in Illinois state income tax.

Obama donated the $ 172,050 donated to.

White House with the Internal Revenue Service to file your taxes for all Americans in the form of an annual limit on the day Obama released tax forms.

Vice President Joseph Biden and wife Jill Biden $ 269256 dollars reported an adjusted gross income. N reported an adjusted gross income of $ 269256 dollars.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mandira Bedi is First Lady of Indian Cricket

Mandira bats for IPL, Mandira Bedi is back to cricket with IPL
The ravishing and articulate first lady of Indian cricket, Mandira Bedi, is back and all set to spice up IPL.

On the films front, Mandira was last seen in Pritish Nandy Communications 'Meerabai Not Out' which happens to be a film based around cricket.

Mandir's accession MAX spans over six years and presents talented played a significant role in attracting, engaging and expanding the audience for cricket show in India.

In connection with the organization, Mandir Bedie said: "Extraaa time has always been very special for me. Ga show me a chance to live my passion for cricket. I am very excited to co host Extraaa innings again, and also on this rock entertainment cricket tournament of the season that has caught Eyeballs and hearts cricket fans all over Norway and the world. I'm excited to play a role in making family day experience. Extraaa innings combined academic Cricket with mainstream entertainment like never before. "

In line with the channel's continuous efforts to maximize the entertainment Quotient of cricket related programming, MAX has brought back the ravishing and articulate First Lady of Indian cricket Mandir Bedie, as a co host Extraaa innings T20.

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Jade's husband gets 12 weeks jail for assault

Jack Tweed For 12weeks Jail

Tweed, 21, whose actuality TV star companion died from cancer last month, was told he must go after bars for "penalty and to defend the public". But he was hand over a short verdict as the judges predictable the loss of his wife had enforced him to grow up fast in current months. Tweed had been villain of attacking Stephen Wilkins in Epping in May last year and had likely caging, arriving at Harlow magistrates' court today hang on to an overnight bag.

Jack Tweed For 12weeks Jail

As the sentence was proclaimed Tweed twinkle back tears, waggle to his mother Mary and friends in the civic arcade and was escort from the wharf in chains. "We are sending you to supervision for a entirety of 12 weeks. We think there is no other suitable way to contract with you for the reason that the offence was so solemn only a custodial sentence can be defensible.

The reason of the sentence is chastisement and fortification of the public. The annoying facial look of meticulous magnitude are that the offence was dedicated under the power of alcohol, the fatality was serving the public and was put in dread, the offence was committed on payment and another driver heed the threats and mistreatment.

Tweed will have to serve only half of his sentence but was warned that if he committed a different offence while on permit he would be returned to jail to serve the full sentence. He was also structured to pay £455 costs and £300 damages to his victim.

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GSM operators add 10.8 million users

New users for GSM Operator

This is the third occasion in the history four months that the GSM operators have busted the preceding trace for maximum figure of new users additional in a single month. In December, the operative had got an evidence 8.5 million new subscribers and in January the cellular user pedestal was up by 9.6 million. In March, Vodafone Essar added 2.84 million new users, making it the uppermost ever for the production.

For first time that Vodafone has added more subscribers than marketplace leader Bharti Airtel, which enlarged its subscriber foundation by 2.80 million.

Number three position GSM player BSNL got 2.5 million new subscribers, design it the first time for the PSU to add over 2 million subscribers in a month.

The whole GSM user base plunk at 288.36 million at the finish of March, evaluate with 277.51 million in February.

The sweltering swiftness of enlargement in the mobile zone comes even as the worldwide economy is in front of a hunch.

The expansion is chiefly coming from Circle B and C States. Circle B States embrace Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal now has the chief number of mobile users in the nation with 107.55 million subscribers.

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KKR to name captain on April 16

Four Captain's For KKR

Kolkata Knight Riders KKR Cricket Team anthem video
With the deliberate in excess of coach John Buchanan's four-captain hypothesis still on, Kolkata Knight Riders will make known their captain for Indian Premier League's second spell on April 16.

Four Captain's For KKR

Knight Riders holder Shah Rukh Khan said the skipper of his team for the Twenty20 proceedings second season in South Africa will be forename on April 16, two days before the competition kicks-off.

"We will make a decision first and declare the captain on April 16," Shah Rukh Khan who departed for South Africa on Monday night,said he will return to Mumbai on April 28, to shed his vote in the common elections on April 30. He supplementary “I will go back in the first week of May,"

Watch Kolkata Knight Riders KKR Cricket Team anthem video on youtube-

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Lindsay Lohan's eHarmony Ad clip

Lindsay Lohan's eHarmony Ad video

May have had their contribute to of troubles, but she hasn't mislaid the aptitude to chuckle at herself. In a new videotape placement at, she caricature the omnipresent ads for the rendezvous tune eHarmony.

Lindsay says, and I'm glance for love. I'm freshly single ... I think," she says, referring to her current split with Samantha Ronson. "I'm seem to be for a celebrity I can expend the relax of my life with ... or at smallest quantity the rest of my trial."

Lohan also mention her DUI arrests by referring to herself as "a workaholic, a shopaholic, and, according to the state of California, an alcoholic."

In the video, she inquire budding suitors if they can hold a "redhead with a little bit of sass, and by that I mean a redhead that's passionate," before rising and falling her eyes and saying, "Don't act as if like you don't know me. We've all interpret about it."

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2009 Most famous married couples photo

Here is a look at some of the most famous married couples see one by one...

1).Michelle and Barack Obama
US First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama are seen as a perfect married couple. Michelle, who was working at law firm, was assigned the role of advisor to a summer associate from Harvard, Barack Obama. Michelle Obama is quoted to have said, 'Barack didn't pledge riches, only a life that would be interesting. On that promise he's delivered.' He sure did - he has made her the First Lady of the United States! In photo: President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dance together at the Obama Home States Inaugural Ball in Washington.
Michelle and Barack Obama

2).Aamir and Kiran Rao
Aamir, it is said got close to Kiran on the sets of his super hit movie 'Lagaan'. Kiran was assisting director Ashutosh Gowariker in the production of 'Swadesh' while Aamir was working on his movie. It was in the sleepy town of Panchgani that they met, fell in love and it was here that they married too. The wedding had the who is who in entertainment industry in attendance. And things have been perfect till now. In photo:Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, right, and his wife Kiran Rao, second left, meet guests at their marriage reception in Bangalore, India, Monday, Jan. 2, 2006. Khan tied the knot with film director Rao last Wednesday at simple ceremony in Bombay. Khan, 41, met Rao during the making of his 2001 hit film 'Lagaan' or 'Land Tax,' which was nominated for an Oscar in the foreign film category.
Aamir and Kiran Rao

3).Abhishek and Aishwarya rai
When they first came together for the role in 'Dhai Akshar Prem Ke', they were both in love, but to different people. Ash was dating Salman Khan and Abhishek was dating Karishma. And over the years, fate brought them together. Their friendship flourished. And before long, there were whispers of Abhishek spending extra time with Aishwarya. Abhishek proposed to Aishwarya after the premiere of their movie 'Guru' in Toronto and Ash did not have to think twice before saying 'I do'. In photo: Indian actor Abhishek Bachchan and his wife Indian actress Aishwarya Rai arrive for the premiere of the film 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' during the 61st International film festival in Cannes, southern France
Abhishek and Aishwarya rai

4).Akshay Kumar and Twinkle
Akshay Kumar, the action hero of Bollywood, was romantically linked with many Bollywood actress before he fell for actress Twinkle Khanna. They had a whirlwind love affair and got married. While Akshay retains the action hero title, Twinkle has settled down as an interior designer and co-owner of The White Window store. In photo: Actor Akshay Kumar, left, and his wife Twinkle Khanna arrive at a screening of the feature film "Chandni Chowk To China" at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, Calif.
Akshay Kumar and Twinkle

5).Beyonce and Jay-Z
She normally does not talk about her personal life. And she kept quiet rumors began to circulate about her relation with rapper Jay-Z. The couple remained discreet and till they formally announced their wedding. Beyonce, still has not made any comments about how the romance started. In photo: In this Dec. 1, 2008 file photo, Hip-hop singer and entrepreneur Jay-Z and his wife singer-actress Beyonce Knowles attend the premiere of "Cadillac Records" in New York.
Beyonce and Jay-Z

6).Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni
Was it love at first sight for Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president when he was introduced to Carla Bruni? The paparazzi felt so. After being introduced to the husky-voiced supermodel turned singer Carla Bruni, the freshly divorced Sarkozy.spent much of his time chatting with her. The attraction, they say was mutual and instantaneous. In photo: French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy visit the archeological site of Carthage, outside Tunis, Wednesday, April 30, 2008. Sarkozy ended a three-day state visit to Tunisia Wednesday.
Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni

7).shahrul khan and gauri khan
What makes Shah Rukh Khan's marriage tick? He says, 'Gauri and I have one thing in common. I like me and she likes me.' May be that is the secret of their successful marriage. Even though they both hail from different religions, it has never been an issue between them feels Gauri. She is the face of the fashion line, 'Aftershock' and has also appeared on cover of the Indian edition of Vogue magazine. In photo: Bollywood actor Sharukh Khan, left, and his wife Gauri Khan, right, listens to Mushtaq Shiekh, writer of Shahrukhs biography Still Reading Khan, during its release in Mumbai, India, late Wednesday
SRK and Gauri Khan

8).Tina Ambani and Anil Ambani
He is a powerful scion of Corporate India. She, a model turned actress who ruled the silver screen. And now, they are the among the first couple in the corporate world. They strike the perfect balance. While Anil runs his business from the corporate board rooms, Tina works on "Empowering Indian Senior Citizens" and runs magazine called "Harmony".
Tina and Anil Ambani

9).Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
It was a whirlwind romance for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes since he proposed to her on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The marriage was solemnized at a castle in Italy, according to Scientology rites. And it had their close associates flying down just for the wedding. In photo:U.S actor Tom Cruise, right, and his wife U.S. actress Katie Holmes pose for pictures during the red carpet premiere of Cruise's most recent film "Valkyrie" in Rio de Janeiro,
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

10).Victoria and David Beckham
He went down on his knee to propose to her. And they both shed tears after they got married. The romance between Posh Spice and David Beckham got off as a low key affair but ended in a marriage. Though the wedding was a low key 'all family and close friends' affair, the reception was extravagant. In photo: David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham arrive at the ESPYs Awards on Wednesday July 16, 2008 in Los Angeles
Victoria and David Beckham

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