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Bavina cars | Eco Friendly Electric Car |

The Tamil Nadu government has allotted 100 acres land for environmentally friendly electric car Bavina Cars India Ltd to set up a production unit in the State Industries Promotion Corporation of TamilNadu's SEZ in Ranipet.
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According to a press release from the company would invest Rs 300 crore in this project, promising direct and indirect employment to 1,500 persons
The company has been authorized to produce 25,000 environmentally friendly cars a year and commercial production of the five seats vehicle was scheduled to start from 2011, the release said.

Transfer of Bavina cars is to provide comprehensive qualitative, innovative technology and reliable environmentally friendly cars at an affordable price, custom
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TECHNICAL Performance Class:
Battery Electric car Length: 3.6 m Width: 2.5 m Height: 1.6 m
Drive wheels: Front
Engine Location: Front engine power: 4 kW DC (rated), 9 kW DC (Peak)
Charger: portable electronic.
Charging connector: Cable domestic standard 230V 15 amp outlet
Charge time: 6-7 hours
Pack voltage: 72 V battery type & nominal voltage: 12 V lead acid batteries Battery Capacity: 135 Ah Battery Position: 3 - in the rear axles, 3 - under rear seats Max speed: 65 km / h Seating Area: 4 adults curb
Weight: 1050Kg Max
Load capacity: 380 kg per km
Riding: 77 Pais

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yamaha fazer India | yamaha fazer 250cc | yamaha fazer 250 | yamaha fazer 250 in india | yamaha fazer 150

After great success with Yamaha FZ16, Yamaha YZF R15 and Yamaha FZS, Yamaha launched its global model Yamaha Fazer in the Indian market. Yamaha India launched its Daytona racing kit for the YZF-R15 which enables the bike to reach a speed of 150 kmph.

The goal was to destroy Bajaj Auto assertion that their recently launched the 2009 edition was the Pulsar 220 the fastest production bike in the Indian market.

Bajaj is claiming that their new Pulsar model can touch a top speed 144kmph. That record has been destroyed by Yamaha's modified bike.

Yamaha India's representative had this to say at the launch event: "Bajaj claims lasted only four days.

TVs Motor has also just launched the new version of its Apache RTR. The company said: "There was a gap in the market for fast bikes. And the new Apache was intended to fill the gap. But more than the top speed, in this country, acceleration is more meaningful to buyers. They can at least feel it. "

Yamaha Fazer Touring Spirit

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Big Brother 11: Nominations, Spoilers, and Other!

Last night was the first night we got to see Showtime Big Brother after dark, and it was to become known as the houseguests are and find out what is going on in the house before the premiere. They have been in the house for several days already, but it only shows the premiere last night.
Big Brother 11: Nominations, Spoilers, and More!
First and foremost, the committee Ceremony happened yesterday and two people on the block this time Chime & Lydia.

This is my first impression of what went on in the house tonight after dark. Casey seems like a cool guy and I like him already. And Kevin is very interesting and I like him so much.

But Lydia, that I fully expected to like, turn out to be a real slimey manipulators. She spent all night running around in underwear and high platforms, and hang around guys ...

especially Jessie. Scenes in the long sauna room with Jessie & Lydia were repeated last year's Michelle & Jessie scenes. And they were less sick. Bless Jessie's heart, and he falls for a girl is manipulation. He is such an easy target in this way. I do not like the fact that Lydia is trying to seduce the guys to get their votes. It is just disgusting.

Jordan seems to be a place of Lydia, and had underwear all night, but has no real reason except to try to look cute. She does not look like sharpest knife in the drawer, but time will tell ...

Chime said Lydia & Jordan was slutty dressing like that around the house and complained about having to sleep in a room with a very uncomfortable accommodations. She talked a lot about the competition which they had earlier this week decided to "have" and "Have nots". She is also on slop, to take cold showers, sleep in the bedroom and poor nominated ... Now that "S does not have! No wonder she complained a lot.

Ronnie & Michele lie low and do not seem to be as geeky as I expected them to be. Russell & Jessie spent much time looking at him in the kitchen window's reflection, and talking about muscles and their bodies. Bore-ing!

The others had little to say yet, so they do not reveal too much just outside the harbor. I will report on these things happen. Right now, all preparations for the power of veto competition (POV) and it will determine who gets the two to receive votes this week.

Carolyn to BBDish had a very interesting comment on his blog last night and you will probably want to go see what it was about. I am so jealous! I wonder if it was true ...
Minor also a nice word for word rehash of the conversations in the house tonight, so go give her some love too.

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chima simone | chima benson | chima

Big Brother 11 Houseguest Chima Simone

An exotic beauty & hair, Chima is truly as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. Idependent and Educated, this freelance journalist is currently looking and single for a man who is tall.
chima benson, chima
Chima is particularly close to her ailing mother and expects she’ll be taking care of her in the future. The fact is her mother’s health is no at its best greatly concerns Chima, but she plans to happily provide the similar love and care to her mother that is provided to her all through her life. She is also very secure to her stepfather, and fondly recalls him as the man who trained her how to ride a bike, swim and was always ready and willing to help her with her homework.

Having travel the world, Chima has been lucky to experience a myriad of culture and lifestyle, but she lastly settled down at the University of Texas long enough to attain her Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Shortly after graduating, she worked in Marketing & Publicity at a major publishing house, as a spokes model for various beauty & hair products at tradeshows nationwide, and even served a two-year stint as a high school teacher.

Interview with Big Brother 11 House Guest Chima Simone

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Artie Lange Charged With DUI | Artie Lange Mugshot Photo

The Howard Stern Show regular Artie Lange was charged with driving under the influence of any drug (DUI) and careless driving in New Jersey. Arti's Mugshot photo will be published as soon as possible when it is available.
Artie Lange Mugshot Photo | Artie Lange Charged With DUI
The 41-year-old Arti was arrested after a minor traffic accident on 10 July in Toms River, New Jersey. The Toms River Police said Long's 2009 Nissan struck the rear of another vehicle at 1:30 Friday. Nobody was injured, both vehicles had only minor damage.

Artie Lange has been on break from her current show of Howard Stern's Radio Show. Lange made news recently for his rude growth in the premiere of the latest HBO Joe Buck show. He was apparently banned by HBO from ever appearing again, "Joe Buck Live." Lange is a "Howard Stern Show" cast, and later wrote a best selling book, "Too Fat to fish."

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Emma watson underwear video | Emma watson underwear | emma watson underwear photos | Emma watson flashes underwear

Emma Watson underwear is accidentally blinked. It seems that Hollywood starlets will never learn! Emma Watson flashes underwear because of strong winds. Emma Watson underwear pictures below.

emma watson underwear | emma watson underwear photos | emma watson flashes underwear

The latest lady to fall victim to some underwear flashing in the Harry Potter star Emma Watson underwear. It seems that she is accidentally flashes her underwear at the world premiere of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince in London.

Emma does not seem to mind, or actually have a conscious memory of it happening. She told David Letterman, "It was little Emma Watson garderobe error occurs. I actually do not remember it happening." You do not suddenly feel the wind and rain the whole leg?

Emma Watson and Dave shared things, "At least I use underwear!” Emma Watson Underwear

Watch Video Here

Thank you to wear underwear. Let it be a lesson for all: lingerie is a good thing. Sometimes it can save you from major embarrassment.

emma watson underwear | emma watson underwear photos | emma watson flashes underwear
emma watson underwear | emma watson underwear photos | emma watson flashes underwear

emma watson underwear | emma watson underwear photos | emma watson flashes underwear

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Sacha Baron Cohen: BINGO! Re-Sued

Women as Defendants Sacha Baron Cohen for "Bruno" attack now says actor never met her but found her emotionally to the point she is now confined to a wheelchair.
Sacha Baron Cohen -- BINGO! Re-Sued
Richelle OLSON has amended its lawsuit against Cohen, NBC Universal and others, argues Cohen and his crews were "full of deceit, fraud and deception," when she contacted the charity run, and offer to send a "celebrity" for her charity bingo tournament for the elderly.

OLSON argues character Bruno showed up and began to call bingo numbers "through error and abuse of the language of high speaker. She says she asked him to stop but he did not, and the film crew caught her" humiliating emotional reaction”

The suit claims OLSON left the stage, went into a side gate room, began sobbing uncontrollably and lost consciousness, falling over a concrete slab track. As a result she is confined to a wheelchair and a walker.

She is suing for unspecified damages. And we said, the scene was cut from the movie. Welcome to Hollywood.

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Neverland Ranch: The Raid Photos

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputy level raid Michael Jackson back in 2003 on the Never Land Ranch had their hands full - the place was a mess.
Neverland Ranch -- The Raid Photos
All these pictures were taken inside the house, as deputies are daunting task of sifting through all of MJ's stuff.

Otherwise, most of the evidence involving the drug was never taken to task because the authorities believed it was not relevant to the pier station charge. Most of these proofs have not turned up before we combed through thousands of documents and photos.
Neverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid PhotosNeverland Ranch -- The Raid Photos

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Whitney Eve Port HQ pic

Name:Whitney Eve Port;
Date Of Birth:March 4, 1985 (age 24)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Father's name:Jeffery Port
Mother name:Vicki Lyn Port.
Education:University of Southern California
Occupation:Television personality,Fashion designer
Years active:2006–present
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.78 m).
Whitney Eve Port,hollywood actress,hot actress

Whitney Eve Port,hollywood actress,hot actressWhitney Eve Port,hollywood actress,hot actressWhitney Eve Port,hollywood actress,hot actressWhitney Eve Port,hollywood actress,hot actress

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WaPo's Sally Quinn culpability Sarah Palin for chauvinist Letterman assaults

The Sally Quinn’s of the globe were given prestige since laissez-faire similar to Ben Bradlee got to do whatsoever the agony they satisfied with their authority in the media as there was nothing a useless thing with the respite of the realm could do as single conformist after an additional from Barry Goldwater to Ronald Reagan then to Robert Bork again to Clarence Thomas, Miguel Estrada, Dan Quayle and go on accurate upbeat to today's Sarah Palin were cluttered.

WaPo's Sally Quinn culpability Sarah Palin for chauvinist Letterman assaults

They were decorated as, diehards, idiots, gaffes, spiritual activists, wild-eyed believers, bigoted, warmongers, sexual harassers, and truth the God knows what else thing was. This type of rubbish was hanging and ring outer unconcealed from each solitary of the three chief associations of Media among which the New York Times, Time, Newsweek ,the Washington Post and the respite of the tolerant media organizations. For the last ten years, in anticipation of the arrival of everything from conformist weekly such as the lone you are analysis to speak broadcasting to the Web to Fox cooperatively devastated the media domination.

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kat von d makeup | LA Ink’s new season on tv tonight

LA Ink's Kat Von D is an amazing makeup line at Sephora. Kat Von D's makeup line a master-in LA Ink's new season TV today.

kat von d makeup | LA Ink’s new season on tv tonight

Created by Kat Von D, tattoo artist, reality TV star and owner of High Voltage Tattoo, this edgy color collection an example of old Hollywood glamor with an L.A. Vibe. As her beautiful face out, Kat is masterful with makeup as she is with tattoogun. (She can throw on a full, flawless face of makeup in 15 minutes flat. Now it is a point). So is her passion for makeup and self-expression is inked, so to speak, for every expert product she created. From pin-up for perfection is a rocker chic, this limited edition Last, you can take advantage of your bad-girl side and loose single artist.

LA Ink - New Season Sneak Peek

LA Ink promo - New Episodes!

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Jon & Kate plus 8 star Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman

It seems that just yesterday, when Deanna Hummel brother was ratting her out, and charges that she was having a relation of Jon Gosselin.

Jon & Kate plus 8 star   Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman

But you have to move quickly to keep Jon, because Deanna is no longer the picture Jon & Kate plus 8 star.

Now the tough Jon, 32, used for quality time with Hailey Glassman, 23-year-old daughter plasticsurgeon who perfumed his wife, Tummy Tuck surgery! As just friends?

Well media acquired video meal they shared together at the Bourbon Street bar in Nyack, New York. Watch closely and you see the skill to write separate (although place of the desert)! And when they were found Photographs after the meal, you can see Jon freeze and ducks in the right-hand side, trying to be his picture taken. She likes the back door. Meanwhile, Kate had sextuplets holiday in North Carolina.

Jon & Kate plus 8 star   Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman
Jon & Kate plus 8 star   Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman

Jon & Kate plus 8 star   Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman

Yes, what type of woman is Hailey?
Media obtained exclusive pictures Indiana University for further examination at a level where it is certain that it seems like he found some time to have fun. Sources have confirmed that Jon and Hailey spent some time together when Kate was out of town. Want to see what Jon likes about him?

Photos From :

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ptet 2009 result

Ptet 2009 | Jnvu | Ptet jnvu | Ptet | Ptet result

The JANVU has published the result of PTET 2009 on 8-7-2009 evening.

First cut list, has 74 thousand 260 candidates. Passing the applicants to deposit Rs 2000 from the prescribed fees at any Bank of Baroda Branch from 9 July 2009 to 15 July 2009. The remaining charges will be determined after the award of the College. For registration information and online star counseling may be filled between 17 July 2009 to 24 July 2009 to After filling the option form of the award of College will be on 27 July 2009 at 9:00 on the same site.

The government has given NOC for PTET to 782 schools in 89 thousand 950 seats.

To view the PTET result 2009 visit below:

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Gwen Araujo | A Girl Like Me

Gwen Araujo was the name of the trans-European sex woman who was killed after it was discovered that she had male genitalia. This is a hate crime was on the news about the year 2002.

gwen araujo
After investigations it was discovered that the murderers were a group of four people: jaron Nabor, Michael Magidson, Jason Cazare and Jose Merel. This crime was not considered a hate crime by the judge, rather it was regarded as a criminal response to a deception. Gwen Araujo allegedly not telling the men that she actually was a man.
In the year 2006 it is about Araújo was depicted in a movie called "A Girl Me: The Gwen Araujo Story", where she was portrayed by actor JD Pardo.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to care for you tube video as a 3D layout

YouTube is a very interesting online tool for YouTube lovers. You die, you can see more videos in 3d cube format. It provides a 3D animated action our videos. Only we have to choose six videos from our favorite Teller send them to your cube and get a 3D cube to see all six videos at the same time. Trying to Cube now and add your YouTube Video URL in the provided buttons to the left and watch videos. Not only see, but you can also share videos with friends because the cube provides a unique video of your choice. Below is a video demonstration of you Cube.

YouCube Demo Video from Aaron Meyers on Vimeo.

I have chosen six different videos Blogging Tools such as Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Integration Feed Burner with blogs and Make Money Online Tips. Click this link to see video of the 3D Youtube

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Google Chrome OS a main Competitor of windows XP

There has been an interesting nine months since we launched Google Chrome browser. Already more than 30 million people use it regularly. We've designed Google Chrome for people who live on the Internet - searching for information, check your email for news, shopping, or just keep in touch with friends. But the operating systems that run on browsers were designed in an era where there was no net. So today we announce a new project, which is a natural extension of Google Chrome - Google Chrome OS. It is our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be.
google os, google operating system, chrome os, google chrome operating system, chrome
Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that initially will be on the Netbook. Later this year we will open source its code and Netbook runs Google Chrome OS will be available to consumers in the second half of 2010. Since we are already talking with partners about the project and we will soon be working with the open source community and we wanted to share our vision now that everyone understands what we are trying to achieve.

Speed, usability and security are important aspects of the Google Chrome OS. We design the operating system to be quickly and easily, to boot up and get out on the web for a few seconds. The UI is minimal stay in the road, and most of the user is online. And as we did for the Google Chrome browser, we go back to the basics and completely redesigning the underlying security architecture of the OS, so users do not have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates. It should just work.

Google Chrome OS will run on both x86 and ARM chips and we are working with several OEMs to bring a number Netbook on the market next year. Software architecture is simple - Google Chrome running in a win because on top of a Linux kernel. For application developers is the Web platform. All web-based applications automatically, and new applications can be written using your favorite web technologies. And of course, these applications will run not only for Google Chrome OS, but in any standards-based browser for Windows, Mac and Linux that gives developers biggest users of all platforms.

Google Chrome OS is a new project, separate from Android. Android was designed from the beginning to work for a variety of devices from phones to set-top boxes for Netbook. Google Chrome OS is designed for people who spend most of their time on the Internet and is designed to operate computers ranging from small Netbook for full-size desktop systems. Although there are areas in which Google Chrome and the Android OS overlap, we believe that elections will drive innovation for the benefit of everyone, including Google.

We hear a lot from our users and the message is clear - machines need to be better. People will come to your e-mail immediately, without wasting time waiting for his computer to boot up, and readers can begin. They want their computers to always run as fast as when they first bought them. They want the data to be available to them wherever they are and not be afraid to lose or forget your computer to back up files. More importantly, they do not want to spend hours to configure your computer to work with any new piece of hardware or the need to worry about the constant software updates. And any time our users a better computing experience, Google benefits from having happy users are more likely to spend time on the Internet.

We have much to do and we certainly will need much help from the open source community to achieve this vision. We're excited for what will come, and we hope you too. Follow for more updates in the autumn and have a wonderful summer.

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