Saturday, July 11, 2009

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Big Brother 11 Houseguest Chima Simone

An exotic beauty & hair, Chima is truly as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. Idependent and Educated, this freelance journalist is currently looking and single for a man who is tall.
chima benson, chima
Chima is particularly close to her ailing mother and expects she’ll be taking care of her in the future. The fact is her mother’s health is no at its best greatly concerns Chima, but she plans to happily provide the similar love and care to her mother that is provided to her all through her life. She is also very secure to her stepfather, and fondly recalls him as the man who trained her how to ride a bike, swim and was always ready and willing to help her with her homework.

Having travel the world, Chima has been lucky to experience a myriad of culture and lifestyle, but she lastly settled down at the University of Texas long enough to attain her Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Shortly after graduating, she worked in Marketing & Publicity at a major publishing house, as a spokes model for various beauty & hair products at tradeshows nationwide, and even served a two-year stint as a high school teacher.

Interview with Big Brother 11 House Guest Chima Simone

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