Saturday, July 11, 2009

Big Brother 11: Nominations, Spoilers, and Other!

Last night was the first night we got to see Showtime Big Brother after dark, and it was to become known as the houseguests are and find out what is going on in the house before the premiere. They have been in the house for several days already, but it only shows the premiere last night.
Big Brother 11: Nominations, Spoilers, and More!
First and foremost, the committee Ceremony happened yesterday and two people on the block this time Chime & Lydia.

This is my first impression of what went on in the house tonight after dark. Casey seems like a cool guy and I like him already. And Kevin is very interesting and I like him so much.

But Lydia, that I fully expected to like, turn out to be a real slimey manipulators. She spent all night running around in underwear and high platforms, and hang around guys ...

especially Jessie. Scenes in the long sauna room with Jessie & Lydia were repeated last year's Michelle & Jessie scenes. And they were less sick. Bless Jessie's heart, and he falls for a girl is manipulation. He is such an easy target in this way. I do not like the fact that Lydia is trying to seduce the guys to get their votes. It is just disgusting.

Jordan seems to be a place of Lydia, and had underwear all night, but has no real reason except to try to look cute. She does not look like sharpest knife in the drawer, but time will tell ...

Chime said Lydia & Jordan was slutty dressing like that around the house and complained about having to sleep in a room with a very uncomfortable accommodations. She talked a lot about the competition which they had earlier this week decided to "have" and "Have nots". She is also on slop, to take cold showers, sleep in the bedroom and poor nominated ... Now that "S does not have! No wonder she complained a lot.

Ronnie & Michele lie low and do not seem to be as geeky as I expected them to be. Russell & Jessie spent much time looking at him in the kitchen window's reflection, and talking about muscles and their bodies. Bore-ing!

The others had little to say yet, so they do not reveal too much just outside the harbor. I will report on these things happen. Right now, all preparations for the power of veto competition (POV) and it will determine who gets the two to receive votes this week.

Carolyn to BBDish had a very interesting comment on his blog last night and you will probably want to go see what it was about. I am so jealous! I wonder if it was true ...
Minor also a nice word for word rehash of the conversations in the house tonight, so go give her some love too.

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