Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dazzling Namitha At VIP Store Launch

Namitha , the statuesque sizzling sign of the South Indian film industry, instructions just as much respect as the top heroines. The largest luggage company in Asia and leading manufacturer of inexpensive, quality luggage is VIP. Namitha inaugurated the flagship VIP lie around on Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai (better known as Cathedral Road), Chennai today.
At the function, Mr. Sudhir Jatla, Managing Director, VIP Industries Ltd., said that luggage and travel frills are as much a style statement and status symbol as one’s clothes and accesories. And who better to inaugurate the store than Namitha, who exudes style and is the definitive symbol of ‘oomph’ and glamour.Though her onscreen image is somewhat limited, this tall beauty has another side to her. Recently she asked her fans to pledge to donate their organs after death. A very thoughtful message indeed!

Summary:Namitha , the statuesque sizzling sign of the South Indian film industry at VIP Store for Launching Event.

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Bollywood Movie Outsourced Wallpaper and Movie Review

"Outsourced" Movie By Tom Gorai
Cast: Josh Hamilton,Ayesha Dhark ,Asif Basra
Sheikh Noor Islaam
Siddharth Jadhav
Arjun Mathur
Larry Pine
Depesh Shah
Sudha Shivpuri
Matt Smith
Jeneva Talwar
Director: John Jeffcoat
Producer: Tom Gorai
Cinematography: Teodoro Maniaci
Editing: Brian Berdan
Story Writer: George Wing

Outsourced,” in which a Seattle call center manager named Todd (Josh Hamilton) is fired and then dispatched to India as a consultant to train his own replacement, is a wonderful surprise.
At first it threatens to be just another fish-out-of-water story. The film’s director, John Jeffcoat, and his co-writer, George Wing, hit expected marks, from the moment when a street urchin swipes the hero’s cellphone to the bit where Todd learns why Indians don’t eat with their left hand to the scene where Todd realizes that his sharpest employee, an outspoken young woman named Asha (Ayesha Dharker), is gorgeous and has a crush on him.

Gratifyingly, though, the filmmakers treat Todd’s story as a springboard for a smart look at the effect of cultural difference on work, friendship and love, and the global economy’s impact on national and personal identity.
Todd, being American, has no sense of himself as an American. He has an allergic reaction to Indian culture (embodied by the intestinal distress he suffers after eating local food). He is also taken aback by Indians’ emphasis on family ties and social obligations, and they in turn are politely aghast at Todd’s disconnection from his own relatives.

Todd’s trainee, the polite, 40-ish Puro (Asif Basra), lives with his parents and is surprised that Todd lives alone and rarely visits his own mother. He insists that Todd forgo his prearranged hotel room and stay at his home, where his mom cooks up a storm and grills Todd on why he isn’t married yet.
Todd is initially concerned with improving his employees’ minutes-per-call rating and going home. He’s bored by his job and can’t believe that his employees like the kitschy Americana (including Green Bay Packers cheese hats) sold through his company’s catalog.

But during an impulsive trip to a McDonald’s knockoff that doesn’t serve beef, he meets a fellow American (Larry Pine, in a brilliant cameo) who advises him: “I was resisting India. Once I gave in, I did much better.”
Todd has an epiphany while wading into a local water tank (photographed, with cross- cultural wit, to suggest a baptism). He also comes to understand Indians’ comfort with images of Kali, the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation and destruction. Todd learns that change can be negative, positive or simply neutral, and what matters is how one reacts to it.

The film shows that individuals in every nation are nearly powerless before the global economy, a force that shatters tradition and compels people to think of themselves as self-interested free agents. This pragmatic point of view is articulated by Asha, who rhetorically asks Todd why it’s necessary for Indian call-center workers to pose as Americans while selling cheap junk made in China.

The key to survival is adaptability, a quality demonstrated by every major character in “Outsourced” — particularly Todd, who adapts to his hosts’ culture and language and makes them more invested in their jobs by rewarding efficiency gains with products from the company’s catalog.
In its modest way, “Outsourced” may be unique: a charming culture-clash romance that could be taught in business schools.

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Billu Barber Wallpapers, Posters and Video

Billu Barber is an upcoming Bollywood film starring Irrfan Khan and Lara Dutta in the lead roles, and Shahrukh Khan for the first time in a supporting role. the film also features Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav and Asrani in supporting roles with guest appearances by actresses Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra. The film, which is a remake of the hugely successful Malayalam film Kadha Parayumbol, has already been remade in Tamil as Kuselan starring Pasupathy and Rajinikanth but met a poor box office reception. The film is scheduled to release on February 13, 2009.


Director Priyadarshan signed on actors Shahrukh Khan and Lara Dutta to essay pivotal roles in the film. Initially, these roles were offered to Akshay Kumar and Tabu. However, Kumar didn't find the film interesting and opted out of the project whilst Tabu refused the film as she didn't want to work with Irrfan Khan. The director then offered Kumar's and Tabu's role to Shahrukh Khan and Amisha Patel respectively, and both of them agreed to do the film.

Patel later opted out of the film as she felt her character's role was not substantial enough and sources had indicated that Juhi Chawla was signed on for the role. In April 2008, the director announced that he had signed on Lara Dutta to essay the role of the barber's wife. The cast began filming for the project on April 8, 2008 and according to Shahrukh Khan, "the film is a sweet story of friendship...quite similar to the bond shared between Krishna and Sudama." The film also features Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone & Priyanka Chopra, who are reportedly doing item numbers in the film.

Title: Billu Barber - First Look
Production House: Red Chillies Entertainment
Director: Priyadarshan
Producer: Shahrukh Khan
Distributor: Eros Entertainment
Executive/Associate/Co-Producer: Elahe Hiptoola
Music: Pritam
Written: Sreenivasan
Lyrics: Gulzar

Irrfan Khan as Billu
Shahrukh Khan as Sahir Khan
Lara Dutta as Billu's Wife
Om Puri
Rajpal Yadav
Manoj Joshi
Govardhan Asrani

Billu Barber movie trailer video-


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