Saturday, January 10, 2009

Water Proof Mouse With Exciting Features(USB)

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Brand: Rock
Manuf No: MSZ-3DOPRB
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Date Added: 13/3/2008
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Rock water / dust resistant 3D optical mouse, USB & PS2
Now a  new computer peripheral waterproof keyboard, but what about water mouse? The water treated rock 3D optical mouse has begun. This mouse is equipped with a sealed industrial silicone overlay and robust polycarbonate frame. While the smooth - surface buttons make the device easy to clean, reliable, optical technology, and the most any surface to work. Beyond what it means an optical mouse, is a solid glass surface, with the exception can be used. Dusts and mists, because it also provides security is better than water-repellent. This mouse to use a lot of construction in areas where it is appropriate to dust, and suitable for people with sweaty hands, too.
Skin tone:
Waterproof rate: IP68 (100% waterproof)
Temperature Range: -20 +70C
Weight: 100g
Dimension: 130 80 48mm (L W H)
Compatibility: IBM AT, Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista.
Product Warranty :1 Year Return to Base

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