Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dell introduces Inspiron Mini 10

Dell Inc, the world's second-largest maker of special computers, on Friday introduced a 10-inch netbook and gave a very brief, sneak peek of its new ultra-thin laptop PC. Dell just pulled the wraps off of something I totally hadn’t been expecting but probably should have: a 10 inch netbook. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 will help fill the gap between the company’s 9 inch netbook and 12 inch notebook (which I still say is too big to call a netbook, but which is obviously part of the same product family as the Inspiron Mini 9).The new black laptop called "Adamo," which means in Latin to fall in love with, is expected to compete in the ultra-light segment of the PC market against rivals like Apple Inc's Macbook Air.


.Dell says the Mini 10 will have an “edge to edge16:9 HD , 720Pdiisplay, which I assume means very little bezel around the side of the screen. it’ll also have an “edge to edge” keyboard, a built-in TV tuner, built-in GPS, mobile broadband, and 802.11n. The touchpad will support multi-touch and the netbook will feature an Intel Atom Z530 CPU, which makes me wonder if Dell is thinking about slapping Windows Vista or Windows 7 on the machine instead of Windows XP




When asked whether Dell was worried that the reputation of netbooks would eat into sales of more luxurious laptops, Tatelman said: "It's a little bit too early to tell whether netbooks will cannibalize or be a companion device and bring more people into the market." Many analyst see Dell as helpless to the global fiscal hold back due to its experience to the weakening PC market. Dell said on Thursday it would move its European manufacturing base from Ireland to Poland and cut 1,900 of 3,000 jobs at its Limerick plant, as part of a $3 billion cost-reduction plan announced last year. Dell cut more than 8,000 jobs in 2008 and has struggled to regain market share it lost to market leader HP. Falling demand for computers is hitting the entire industry; Lenovo forecast a quarterly loss on Thursday and said it would cut 2,500 jobs..


Dell Inspiron Mini 9 video review-

Summary:Dell launches on Friday a 10-inch netbook and gave a very brief, sneak peek of its new ultra-thin laptop PC.

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