Thursday, January 8, 2009

North Korea to seize Ballot vote in March(Election)

March, state media has announced, in a move analyst say will possible in changes aimed at prepare for a post-Kim Jong-il period. The announcement comes after South Korean official said on Tuesday that Pyongyang had replace almost a quarter of the North’s cabinet, in a shake-up aimed at refreshing the communist nation’s financial system and promote younger ability. North Korea announced Wednesday it will hold long tardy elections in March amid indications the hard-up command plans to fill parliament with finance-savvy legislators and has named new Cabinet ministers with economic know-how. With foreign aid drying up amid a global financial crisis and a political argument with South Korea, North Korea is turning innermost to find a way out of economic adversity, analyst say.

North Korea will hold parliamentary elections in
Elections for seats in the Supreme People's Assembly-postponed last year amid assumption about leader Kim Jong Il's health-will be held March 8, state-run media said. communalist North Korea plans to hold elections for its parliament, the Supreme People's Assembly, on March 8, the state-run Korean Central News Agency said Wednesday. Elections to the assembly, which serve only to authorize decisions by the North Korean employees Party, are past due, as the last five-year term expire in 2008. The elections are regarded a regulation as candidates are hand-picked by the Korean leaders. The poll, held every five years, last took place in August 2003 and had been due again in 2008-around the time South Korean and U.S. officials say the 66-year-old Kim suffered a stroke.
South Korea's main opposition party has picked a former Hyundai boss and mayor of Seoul as its presidential candidate.

Pyongyang on Monday and Tuesday held mass rallies across the nation, including a 100,000-strong meeting in the capital, to initiate a drive to restructure the cost-cutting measure, state media said .And in a New Year joint perspective, the mysterious state stressed its “far-reaching target to open the gate to a thriving nation” in 2012, the centennial of the birth of its late founding leader Kim Il-sung.North Korea, which operate on a designed economy, was ravaged by a starvation that killed hundreds of thousands of people in the mid to late-1990s and still relies on foreign aid to feed millions .Outdated services, a crippling energy deficiency and a expanded nuclear standoff with the West have dense efforts for economic revival.

North Korean Military(video)-

Summary: North Korea going to held election in March

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