Monday, January 5, 2009

Palm Phone having exciting features With Nova OS

Palm Phone having exciting features With Nova OS
New smartphone introduces by Palm, which is premiering at this week's Consumer Electronics Show, and will be a central part of its efforts for a comeback, will feature a slide down QWERTY keyboard and Touch screen, according to a reliable source "on the blog crunch Gear. Upcoming palm operational Nova phone and use both systems will be major changes will vary from day one that the seller of the leak crunch Gear type requirements. This source describes the device as "iPhone-like" and the forthcoming operating system, also launched at CES, as "fantastic" . For Palm debt it was better to be true: The company is struggling, which has reported a loss of NOK 506.2 million in the second quarter of this year and a 13% decline in smartphone sales.

Palm’s new smartphone

Analyst Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates told the San Francisco Chronicle: "This is Palm last gasp. In addition to the new phone, and the new operating system, code named Nova, Palm also launched an impressive store for mobile applications, but Venture Beat writer MG Siegl was concerned about the store brand (it is difficult to know what their real names), and that the store was not built by Palm itself.The vague details released so far is not much to go to either the phone or OS. Palm says to nail a sweet spot somewhere between the iPhone focus on consumers and BlackBerry focus on business customers. Probably Elevation Partners was impressed with what it was, because it only invested a further $ 100 million in direct company.

Rough mockup by CG of Palm's future phone


Although the release of information is still unknown, the new phone is already almost necessary for Palm, which will only 600,000 phones in its latest fiscal quarter and has been steadily increasing losses as it develops and transitions Nova while upgrading Centro and Treo. Some details of Linux-based software has followed slip meter, but will include a media-playback suite and know what is equivalent to calendar, contacts and e-mail. Previous reports have alluded to the backward compatibility with older Palm OS applications, and a stronger emphasis on touchscreen.Nova even described as "fantastic", and it has a wealth of applications available when the first phones using the software chip.Targeting iPhone, the device will reportedly drop Palm long design in favor of a full touch screen, a hardware QWERTY keyboard will be available, but will slide down instead of staying flat. HTC is believed to be the producer of the phone instead of a string mounting only company.

Palm Treo 750 Review video-


Summary: Palm phone introduces by NOVA OS with the latest feature of slide down QWERTY keyboard and Touch screen as the keyboard slides down as not appearing flat like HTC and i-phone.

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