Saturday, August 8, 2009

Agyaat movie free download

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Agyaat torrent | Agyaat movie online | Agyaat wallpaper | Agyaat songs free download | Agyaat movie
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: Ram Gopal Varma, Ronnie Screwvala, Zarina Mehta, Ram Mirchandani, Siddharth Roy Kapur

Banner: UTV Motion Pictures
Music Director: Bapi – Tutul
Star Cast: Priyanka Kothari, Nitin Reddy, Ravi Kale, Ishrat Ali, Kali Prasad Mukherjee, Harvey Rosemeyer, Rasika Duggal, Joy Fernandes, Gautam Rode

Release Date: 07 August 2009

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Vanessa hudgens leaked photos

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American actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens nude image leaked on internet once more. Vanessa Hudgens was snapped nude with her cell phone and now the image are circulating approximately the internet. Her nude pictures hit internet when Vanessa Hudgens latest movie “Bandslam”. Is release on 14 August, 2009. ”Vanessa’s upcoming films are ‘Beastly’, in 2010, and ‘Sucker Punch!’ in 2011. She was dropped from the movie, ‘High School Musical 3’, according to OK! Magazine.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kashmir has to be free: Pakistan

As expected, Pakistan has begun to use the clumsy language of the Indo-Pak joint statement in need of dialogue on Kashmir. By seizing the promise of the Joint Declaration on the dialogue with all "outstanding issues, says the Pakistani government Wednesday said there could be no talks with India unless the Kashmir issue has been put on the table. Pakistan side also continued to say that Kashmir had be free.
Hints of Cooperation Put Leaders of Pakistan and India on the Defensive at Home
"We are not ignoring the problems with India. We can not think of peace in the region without resolving the Kashmir issue. Terrorism is also a very big problem before us. We are trying to solve all the problems we face" Pakistan foreign Agency spokesman Abdul Basit said.

The development can not but discomforting for the Manmohan Singh government, which his leadership has been a significant premium of Islamabad's' anti-terrorism obligations. The prime minister, who went the extra mile to Sharm el-Sheikh, and not only de-brackets composite dialogue from the fight against terrorism, but promised to discuss all outstanding issues.

`` Measures against terrorism should not be linked to the composite dialogue process and these should not be bracketed. Prime Minister Singh said that Norway is ready to discuss all issues with Pakistan, including all outstanding issues,''the Indo-Pak joint statement had said.

Although these elements friendly to the government here had warned that the reference to "unresolved issues" will be used by Pakistan to demand negotiations on Kashmir.

The last sentence is sure to give new ammunition to the opposition, which has been to accuse the government to make concessions to Pakistan. The Prime Minister who was forced to re-seize compound dialogue with terrorism under pressure from his party and the opposition have argued that peace-loving constituency of neighborhood influence and willingness to compel Islamabad to act on India's concerns.

But there have been large fluctuations from Pakistan on fulfiling some of the assurances to India. The government has come under renewed criticism from the opposition to Islamabad's perceived delay in the trial of Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, who is wanted by the Mumbai-terrorist attacks.

Saeed Supreme Court stayed the proceedings indefinitely, even in Islamabad argued that there was no evidence of Saeed's involvement in the Mumbai attacks.

New Delhi has said that it is enough information for Saeed in terrorist files but Islamabad has maintained that India has to provide evidence of its involvement in the attack. This occurs in spite of assurances from the Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Race for Prime Minister Gilani in Egypt.

The government is now left to repeat the rating earlier formulations of starting negotiations after the action against terrorism. Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur said that India will start a dialogue with Pakistan only after Islamabad meet its obligations. "

I think we never wavered from standby fee we have taken. The Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh) has given many statements (express), "MS Kaur told reporters Wednesday. Indicates that the negotiations on Foreign Minister level is unlikely to occur, she said that the foreign secretaries-level talks were" exposed to the they (Pakistan government) carries out its commitment.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obama joker poster

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Have you seen this poster?

Apparently, it is beginning to emerge in different places in Los Angeles, but nobody seems to know who is responsible for it.
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Radio host Tammy Bruce posted some pictures of this odd creation on her blog Saturday morning (h / t Pamela Geller) leads me to investigate further.

At this point, all I could find on the subject was an April 25 article from bedlam Magazine:

A poster of Barack Obama in the Heath Ledger-style Joker makeup with the legend "socialism" under it have been popping up recently on surfaces around LA It does not seem to be in the same category as many benign starts at Shepard Fairey "Hope" poster that one of Australia's James Lillis

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California earthquake

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Baja California Earthquake today! OMG! I could have been in San Diego today! A 6.9 earthquake hit Baja California this morning and was felt in San Diego area. There are reports of people evacuating in San Diego office complex.

I will be here in San Diego conference today, and changed plans at the last minute. It probably was meant to be. I hate to be in a panic situation and also a 6.9 magnitude earthquake is strong enough to shake buildings!

The temblor was felt around 11 am in the Gulf of California, approximately 49 miles from Santa Isabel, and felt in San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Orange, to name a few.

The earthquake at 11:55 before a 5.8 Quake in roughly the same area and was followed by a 5.0 and 5.9 Quake within an hour of the main shock, "says Sue Hough, a seismologist at the USGS earthquake division in Pasadena .

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Motorola Sholes Android Phone for Verizon

As we first mentione, Verizon will be one of Motorola's upcoming Android phone carrier to get. in, you (alias Sholes) Android smartphoe a Verizon Motorola logo is the latest renders of Shules can.

Motorola Sholes Android Phone

3.7-inch (480 x 854) touchscreen
512MB storage, 256 RAM
Expansion slot for up to 16gb microSD/microSDHC card
WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth
CDMA and EVDO network support
5 megapixel camera with auto-focus

Motorola Shules support CDMA EVDO Rev.A network. It is said to be released in October. Another rumored Motorola Android is the Morrison.

Motorola Sholes Android PhoneMotorola Sholes Android PhoneMotorola Sholes Android Phone

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