Saturday, May 9, 2009

Japan and Australia Swine flu h1n1 (virus)

Swine flu virus H1N1 in Japan and Australia

Japan and Australia confirmed their first cases of swine flu virus H1N1 on Saturday, but there have been no deaths in both countries. The new H1N1 flu killed its first patient in Canada, and is the third country after Mexico and the United States to report a death from the virus that has made more than 3,400 people in 28 countries ill.
Japan and Australia Swine flu
Japan says the first three confirmed cases was a man in the 40-year and two teenagers who had spent time in Canada.

The chief medical officer in the Canadian province of Alberta said Friday that the woman in her 30s who died on April 28 had not traveled to Mexico, the epicenter of the swine flu outbreak, suggesting a more sustained spread of infection.

Canadian woman confirmed dead raised global toll from the virus to 48. The virus is a strange coupling between triple-hybrid viruses with the pig, human and bird elements, and a European swine virus not seen before in North America.

Japanese government scrambled Saturday to track the travelers who came on the same flight as the three people diagnosed with the country's first confirmed cases of swine flu. Australia also joined the ranks of the affected country with its first confirmed case.

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T-Mobile provides support, good vibes to its iPhone-using clientele

A most powerful T-Mobile still seems to wanna maintain an amicable relationship with all those who came over with an iPhone in tow. Those who contacted customer service were called later to acknowledge the issue and offered an one month service credit. Said the rep, "T-Mobile, though they do not offer the iPhone, and that they are committed to supporting users on their network who have them" -- not too surprising a stance, but a kind gesture for sure. The problem has since been fixed, and everyone lived happily ever after.

According to a report by The Consumerist, a recent update to the carrier's voicemail system caused some of the smartphones, including Apple's touchscreens, became unusable, with a volley of blank text messages dated from the future arriving instead.

When a system update caused service failures and bugs in T-Mobile customers' unlocked iPhones, the users emailed T-Mobile to alert them to the issue. Even though T-Mobile doesn't offer the iPhone, they fixed the bugs and gave the users a service credit for the inconvenience.

 iphone iphone iphone
T-Mobile iphone iphone

New Apple ihoneNew Apple ihone iphone iphone iphone iphone

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Dance India Dance May 8th 2009

Dance India Dance May 8th 2009
The Indian most popular TV show Dance Indian dance big breaking news comes as a shocker Beautiful Khushboo will get eliminated tonight that's 8th may 2009 Dance India dance episode .The news is straight from DID internal sources and it's a exclusive story with . Though we can't confirm this news 100% but our same DID internal resources have previously provided accurate information about Mayuresh Elimination on 1 may 2009 and Mangesh Retirement on 17th april .

Dance India Dance May 8th 2009
Only after two weeks of saving Khushboo she is yet again being voted out by the audiences. Comparatively her performances have gone weak and her friend Alisha is soaring heights. Today Alisha got the highest votes followed by Siddhesh and Prince. Jai is trailing close to being safe but with Today's amazing performance with a prop.
Dance India Dance May 8th 2009

Dance India Dance May 8th 2009
After Mayuresh's exit last week now it is confirmed that audiences are looking for more than just a dancing star. This trend makes it difficult for Prince, Sunita and Jai to go further into the competition.
Dance India Dance May 8th 2009Dance India Dance May 8th 2009
Sunita, Jai and Prince are wonderful dancers but to be that one to win the title there is some zing missing.

Dance India Dance May 8th 2009Dance India Dance May 8th 2009Dance India Dance May 8th 2009Dance India Dance May 8th 2009
Dance India Dance May 8th 2009
Dance India Dance May 8th 2009
Dance India Dance May 8th 2009
Dance India Dance May 8th 2009


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New broadband service :Virgin Media testing 200Mb Speed

New broadband service form Virgin Media has announced that - which assures to convey speeds of up to 200Mb - is in progress.

Virgin Media starts testing 200 Mb broadband speeds in UK
The “blisteringly” repaid web connection is developed according to customer needs.
Company also expended 100 lead adopters in feature.

This product also tested before use of this. It is also supported network instigates real-world deployment. It is offering 50mb currently and its speed 160MB for Japan and 101MB for us. This product is developed totally customer web use will be tested for their compatibility. Benefit of use this product I s high seed internet access. This product is use in video conferencing and surveillance. It also use to business-focused.

The chief execute officer of virgin media is Neil berkett. It is use in UK for next generation for forefront of innovation and understanding. Company also provides 200MB connections. According to consumer needs it is build picture for connection in feature.

Virgin Media testing 200Mb service
This week network revealed its first quarter for 2009. Because of the increase customer. The service is confirming the roll-out of 50MB connection was “proceeding on track”

Virgin media is one announced it is already kicked off a customer pilot test real-word development product. It provides 200mb broad and pretty son in the making it. it is a fasted media for implementation of docsiss3 technology. It is a faster compare to 160mb service. Use of this media is in japan currently .200mb service is faster compare to 50nb service which available in UK.

For this produce pilot project started in last week in Ashford. To helped leader of this media is more than one for testing. It is use to in trials of TV to broadband content in full HD and 3D. The process of testing is taking half a year at the very last. Before this service is available in to the massed it is necessary to decide the cost of this media.

In UK fastest nationwide broadband service is provide this media. The seed of test is 200mb in Ashford.

The use of this media is providing more speed compare to another service. The latest speed is 50mb service. For DOCSIS3 technology we need to 200MB pilot for implementation.

In Japan 160MB speed is available and us 101MB. This media is provide pilot customer advance service it will also provide invaluable insight into what potential in feature. And much ultra fast service is to be delivering.

This media is tested according to feature use of customer regularly. It including state-of-the-art entertainment serviced using TV it also uses fro broadband content in full high definition and 3d.

It also provides deliver applications and support for home it in UK.
Fast broadband access service is provide by British telecommunication firm BT. 5000.000 homes and 6 cities access this media in 2010.

For provide this service in UK need to high speed broadband. The citied is BT zeroed in on Belfast, edinbugh, GlasGow, London and Greater Manchester to provide this service in million of home and many organization. In 2010 it provide 60 Mbps speed.

Virgin launched latest speed is 50MB in December. According to chief executive officer of virgin media “it is excited to be embarking on this of discovery.”

For provide customer fastest use and better service virgin media run pilot project for last six-month. It also use in commercial viability of such ultra fast services.

There is no way to broadcast service without wire. For broadcast service wire is necessary. This service provides the US of routers the highest speed of router is 200MB in UK. Customer also upgrade for handle to high speed of speeds for data transferring.

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Watch Kick telugu movie online and video songs

Banner: RR Movie Makers
Cast: Raviteja, Shaam, Ileana and others
Direction: Surender Reddy
Production: Venkat
Dhim Thana - Kick Telugu song

Kick telugu movie SONG "boss memory loss"

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Obama bar in Osaka May 9th, 2009

Obama bar in Osaka May 9th, 2009

The beer garden at the top of the Hankyu terminal building in Osaka is going with a Barack Obama theme this year:

Their “CHANGE YES WE EAT!” all you can drink/eat plan is priced at 3,600 yen, but there is a special online coupon you can print out for a 200 yen discount.

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Nicole Richie pregnant photos

Nicole waits for his second child. Mother Nicole Richie enjoyed a place for dine with friends after presence a Pilate’s class in LA.

Nicole Richie pregnantNicole Richie pregnant

Her boyfriend name is Good Charlotte. The 27-year-old left her class in the Studio City district using black leggings and a white vest that underlined her burgeoning belly.

Pilates is considered as one of the best forms of exercise for pregnant women as it helps to maintain and get better the condition of the abdomen and pelvic floor muscles.

It also strengthens the back, allowing for an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

Couples are parents to one-year-old Harlow Winter, who was born in January last year.

Their new arrival is assumed to be due in September.

Busy mother Nicole has already launched its own jewelry line called The House of Harlow 1960, named after his daughter.

Her collection, which launched in the U.S. last year, features Art Deco-inspired design of the rock-chic black leather and gold.

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Influenza A (H1N1) UN Agency Reports

Influenza A(H1N1) infections climb to 2,500

Virus (H1N1 number) Infection infections climb to 2,500. United Nations health agency today, reports have Incredible.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in Poland and Brazil said in the morning that the cases of the flu with a new breed have been added to the list of countries.
Influenza A(H1N1),UN Agency ,UN Agency ReportsGlobal Influenza Program, Sylvie BRIAND notes to increase the number of cases, the director of WHO's warning that his six-point scale, which at this stage 5 of the disease on a continuous human transmission. But it means that the agency despite this global epidemic warning in the case of geographical regions, North America, for an agency at the level of human community is restricted.

”We are new cases. The passengers, or passengers, most of these people have contact imported cases” the WHO Geneva told reporters in the daily.

Ms. Chan a high mortality and pandemic influenza with a very serious disease, the public is equivalent to customize noted that the bird flu. He said that a pattern of a disease epidemic is not necessary to explain. "On the contrary, it is extraordinary."

The WHO Director General Margaret Chan Bangkok for a meeting to warn the South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in a speech today, H5N1 influenza, bird flu in Asia's Health Ministers' meeting for monitoring said. He said that in some parts of the poultry sector in the treatment of virus infection and how the agency will not know for the wide dissemination in other areas.

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Got Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded pics

Britain’s Got Tacky Burlesque dancers and male strippers paraded for Simon & Co.

This Saturday Britain's Got Talent certainly a case to the heart is not unconscious. Woman strippers, burlesque dancers and a host of something - to impress the judges fight it out for wearing different clothes.
Got Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded pics

But the latest series of ITV show such a large amount of meat, well, a cheap and tawdry if viewers leave in May was thinking something little. Cardiff and Birmingham, which feature the works of artists from the auditions in, as in the form of the underwear, this is the question of the queen's royal variety show will be appropriate for the amusement of a small number were involved in the excitement.

A burlesque stripper Scottish evening Daiquiri, beer and a camp dance trio called Aspira show in the center of the family 'at work' for the show called many names are a friendly group pole dance vision.

And on top of a woman on the stage, Daiquiri evening in a Scottish dancer looks like a regular. However, auditioning soon becomes clear when that red head start stripping away the music for, he finally revealed include the St. Andrews knickers and nipple.

Also on stage in the UK Act, sexiest, I hope to prove the funeral arranger Luke, 31, like Justin, 33 to include, and cafe worker, Dan, 29's dance trio beer dream.

Got Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded picsGot Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded pics
Got Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded pics

Got Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded picsGot Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded picsGot Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded pics
Got Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded picsGot Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded pics
Got Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded picsGot Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded picsGot Tacky Burlesque dancers male strippers paraded pics

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