Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chandra grahan 2009 live

This year's lunar eclipse in 2009 (Chandra Grahan 2009) can be seen on 07.07.2009.

What is the lunar eclipse?

Lunar eclipse is the phenomenon that the earth refract light shines on the moon.

India lunar eclipse is formulated as Chandra Grahan.

Chandra means moon and Grahan implies Eclipse. So Chandra Grahan 2009 = lunar eclipse in 2009.

The opposite of the lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan 2009) is the eclipse of the sun (Surya Grahan 2009). So what is solar eclipse?

Solar eclipse is the process by which the moon griper light from the sun. Surya means Sun.

By bye 7 July 2009 is next Tuesday.

Watch live here

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