Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gia carangi last photo shoot

Gia carangi last photo shootGia carangi last photo shoot
Gia Carangi born 29. January 1960 in Philadelphia. In 1977, Gia left for New York to start her modeling career. She was a model of mere accident. As Gia was letting lose at the local Disco, a photographer saw her, and asked to take her picture. gia marie carangi picturesGia began dancing wild around the bar, arms stretched out, hair in her eyes and squealing like a school girl. When the images reached the desk of Vogue magazine, there was no stopping her.

Her first big modeling job was with Gianni Versace when she was 18 years. She was a bit of a change from the typical blonde hair-blue eye model so that all the most beautiful of women. Gia changed all this. Within the next year Gia was one of the biggest models of the late 1970s.Gia was immediately swept into the fashion world.

She never went through the tough rejections that other models faced; she was considered a "rare gem" in the modeling business. Partially due to supermodel Janice Dickinson's success, the need for more ethnic looking models was in. She was seen striking, and was a hit with all the photographers.

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