Friday, June 19, 2009

Snollygoster definition

Snollygoster can be define as, followed a politician who is not involved in helping his voters however is instead force by individual increase of wealth. A stupid fight this week in Gloucester has leaded to the Tory applicant difficult that the session Labour MP Issue all his fixed cost so that voters “could see he isn’t a snollygoster”.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), it starts life as two German words: schnelle geister, sense “quick spirits”. A schnelle geister was a frightening, ethereal ghost, and a snollygoster was a famous fiend in Maryland, America, planned to fright the former slaves into not voting.

In the 19th Century, snollygoster was applies to intentionally doubtful citizens. Today, the OED carefully define it as “a shrewd, dishonest person, particularly a politician”. You know the sort – the type who would maintain attention on an advance that does not exist.

Unhappily, snollygoster is not well used, and its rare recurrence at all times demand a meaning. Ex, the Columbus Dispatch, in Ohio, was thankful when it got help in 1895. It said: “A Georgia editor gently explains that a snollygoster is a fellow who needs office despite of party, stage or principle, and who, whenever he win, gets there by pure power of colossal talknophical assumnacy.”

The Nebraska State periodical used the word even more suitably in 1915. According to him, “They once know a stingy old snollygoster that used to appear in the reproduce to see a mirror image of a saint.”

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