Monday, June 15, 2009

Miss Vietnam global 2009

Miss Vietnam Global 2009 was hold at America on June 14, 2009. This event was hold by PL Modeling Company it was also announce that Huong Gina won the second runner-up title while My Linh entered the top ten contestants.
Huong Giang ranks third at Miss Vietnam Global 2009
Every year this event is hold and the all the country of the world participate in this event. It is base on to select best yearly beauty pageant. PL modeling company is holding this event and they will select yearly beauty pageant. In current year, this event is hold in US and Hong Kong select at third rank. Top ten girls are select in this event.

This event is hold for every year and all the country of the world is participate in this event Miss Vietnam Global is event or program of a yearly beauty pageant for Vietnamese girls from all over the earth, MFC Media USA and MGM Entertainment Group in Las Vegas, the US this event was held.

This is the fourth competition of it type; attract 30 contestants in the last round. Last year, Vietnamese model Vu Nguyen Ha Anh was also circlet second runner-up. According to Dinh Huong Giang, call home two times to say that she was fit and she had lot of latest friends. However, she was very full of activity so she could not call home frequently.

According to PL Modeling Company, Miss Vietnam Global 2009 is a girl from California. Huong Giang and My Linh will come again to Vietnam on June 17.

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