Monday, June 15, 2009

Wi5 | Wi5 Wireless Internet in Chennai

Zylog system of India in Chennai city Wi5 launched wireless Internet service has announced. The company said the service's launch in Chennai city in the country, the first WI-FI enabled has been made.

Travel around the city, while their customers to provide easy wireless Internet connectivity for the network are using the network architecture. They Besant Nagar, Adyar, Ashok Nagar and T Nagar and some parts of the service are provided at this time.

The next 12-15 months to cover the whole city are the target. After that, the company in other metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata in the country as a service to do.

Zylog Wi5 about, "That's WI-Fi connections through the nodes, which will be installed across the city, will work. You need to go anywhere in town without a router can use your Internet. Just a Log in Wi5 on the website and you are online to need. "

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