Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cop without a Badge - Danielle Staub

“Cop without a Badge” is one of the most famous book in current time. The reason behind this success it was mentioned in a hit television series Real homemakers of New Jersey, which stars Danielle Staub, and some other women of leisure.
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The story line of this book is relate to how one truth life become criminal and what the changes come in to his life. Many people are now; wonder if Danielle Staub has a mugshot on that book. This book is written by Charles Kipps and is at present out of stock in Amazon

According to some of the internet news, Danielle Stab was under arrest because of not paying her lawyer fee’s for the separation with her ex husband. Unluckily, there is not some mugshot. He got citizens discovery this site looking for Danielle Staub Mugshot. Sorry citizens, there seems to be none.

It was said that after this week, they would study extra things regarding to Danielle, and probably her mug shot. According to some another people, it was feature in the now out-of-print “Cop without a Badge by Charles Kipps,” book about how to the true-life story of a former con turned criminal informant. He have checked amazon and there are two copies accessible of this book.

One of the first some women in the New Jersey district to have a Black American Express Card she prides herself on being.

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