Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lincoln heights jail

The Lincoln Heights Jail has very old and big history. This jail is normally use in Hollywood film and it is famous in Hollywood. In addition, similar to any old building with a history, it is allegedly the home of the feelings of its history population.
Lincoln Heights Jail
These days, the jail is the home of a country finance exercise youth center and the Bilingual base of the Arts, a Hispanic theatre group that has busy the building’s first floor for the past 35 years. Cecilia, who is the stage director of the theatre corporation and has been with the association for near about 11 years, reveals the prison’s history.

According to Cecilia, she had seen and hears feelings in the building, and she considers they are the phantom of the now-deceased prisoners. The previous time (5 years ago), she had any meet. The best place to catch any sightings or paranormal action would be on floors 2 during 4, however unluckily, they are close to the citizen.

Filming in active jail is usually not allowable for clear reason, and as a effect, jail sets are build in soundstages, back lots, and in other place. Some jail in Los Angeles is now closed, and is usual film place.

Location: Los Angeles
(POINT (-118.22506785393 34.077349717735))

Address: CA

Contact Information: Filming is synchronizing through FilmLA. They can be making at or 213-977-8600 -- ask for Production Planning.

Visitor Information: Normally this jail is nit open regularly, however many times left open. There are a few occupants in the north end of the building, including a City boxing gymnasium on the top floor that is also attractive.


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from what i've read about lincon hights jail it is totaly hunted.

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Is the othersiders real? Because i have been watching every episode so far. I am not sure

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