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11-year-old Shawn Hornbeck was kidnap on Octobers 2002. Over the route of the next four ½ years, Hornbeck suffer terrible abuse at the hands of his abductor, Michael Devlin, until he was save by FBI agents in January 2007. In an exclusive interview of 48-year-old HOURS MYSTERY reporter Tory Roberts, Hornbeck speaks regarding to what happened for the period he was missing.
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No one knows the actual storyline apart from him,” Hornbeck tells Roberts in the enlightening interview. “There was not a day when He did not imagine he was only gonna kill him. It appears He was good off deceased than living through that.”

Hornbeck explain what he bear at that time of the years that he was missing – from the immediate Devlin knocked him off his bicycle close to his home to the instant he was rescue. “The thing that firewood out the most is said, you were only in the incorrect place at the incorrect time,” recount Hornbeck.

Hornbeck lived all day terror for his life. Opportunity to ask for help out him. Hornbeck still express the fear he felt when he first saw the FBI enter Devlin’s front door. “He knew when they came in the entrance, it was either going to be amazing it was either very good or very bad,” he recalls. “It was a new emotion for him to say who He actually was.”

Hornbeck tells 48 HOURS. In danger with death and the death of his parents, Hornbeck complete a contract with the fiend, in this case Devlin. He took on the existence Devlin say, affectation as his son and even creation friends

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