Monday, June 15, 2009

Los Angels Economic crisis for Lakers parade 2009

Los Angeles - The Los Angels Lakers to win a 15th National Basketball Association to capture the championship, but just need a few more city officials as a victory party before the team can not have the funds for are saying.

lakers parade route, lakers parade 2009, laker parade, lakers, laker parade 2009The Lakers, Los Angeles city in a triumphant parade through the platform for established as the Orlando Magic to their best of seven series against the back and if they win the championship Sunday night in a 3-1 will link has taken the lead early as Tuesday.

But such a party town at a time when the city leaders, faced with a deep budget deficit, the worker layoffs and cuts in services were considered $ 1 million or more can cost.

"We cover this cost can not afford to," the Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry told the Times. "And then how about the employment of people may decide sponsors the parade?"

Barbara Maynard, the city's employee unions for a spokesman, said the newspaper agreed: "We the taxpayers to finance the economic climate to be in a parade for the trust is not appropriate."

City Councilman Bernard Parks, but he threw to the parade and is expected to take tab. Bulk of those costs to be absorbed is "a big event in this city and the likelihood is going to town," he said. "City of the Lakers in the next few hours with someone else or to negotiate a contract for the time being."

Meanwhile, police officers in case they win a victory for the Lakers and hooliganism or vandalism prompts, as what happened in the past have been prepared.

After last Thursday's Lakers magic is over, a former Los Angeles a group stormed into the intersection and cars vandalized win.

"Fans, a good time to be hurting people does not mean," Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said. "The Lakers a team game, not a destructive force of any kind are. And, therefore, but to celebrate and enjoy and do not commit violence."

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