Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rahul Gandhi Birthday Photo

rahul gandhi birthday photo

It established a model for a birthday - a cake, balloons, flowers and crackers, but birthday boy was missing.

This place was out of the 24, Akbar Road Congress headquarters, where a large number of Congress Rahul Gandhi on Friday morning 39. Gathered to celebrate the birthday.

However, Gandhi, a party in the Lok Sabha elections as the architect of victory in the party circles, as he was called out in a foreign country is not present.

Phool Singh, a supporter, the young Gandhi as prime minister wants to see, the Amethi MP's long life to pray for a 'haven (yang)"organized with the help of two priests.

"We're celebrating the birthday of their leader. As prime minister, we want to see her. He who thinks about the welfare of the country, the only leader," Singh, "as the mantra (hymn) 'air fares said.

A group of young people burst crackers and distributed sweets, but when they could not complete their leader was disappointed.

"He said that the imagination of young people has been removed. We in the image of his father Rajiv Gandhi's view Jitendra, a young pro, the slogan of the All India Congress Committee general secretary, has taken eulogizing

rahul gandhi birthday photo

rahul gandhi birthday photo

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