Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miss California loses crown

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, who motivated up problem for herself because of she said gays would not be permissible to be married, get two dread languages from pageant poobah Donald Trump on this Wednesday: "You are ablaze."
According to Trump and other pageant leaders, Prejean was being sack not reason behind this to the explanation but because she had not been holding up her finish of the accord, she signed when she enter in to the parade.
She's fired: Miss California loses crown after all
Prejean paying national attention when she said in the 2009 Miss USA pageant that time she said that She can not believe gay marriage should be make legal. She lost out to Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton for the crown.

She gained additional notoriety when semi-nude images of her were publishing just weeks after the pageant, a violation of her pageant contract. To the dismay of others, Miss USA co-owner Donald Trump determined to pardon her and let her keep her crown.

He had complained at a news meeting at previous month that Prejean was skipping Miss California USA program while talking out against gay marriage at illegal appearance.

After the complaint reach Trump, who own Miss California USA's parent association, the tycoon determined to give her one more chance and stay her on. He changed his mind On Thursday.
According to Pageant official, Prejean would be replaced by the Miss California pageant's first loser, Tami Farrell, 24, who was crown Miss Teen USA in 2003.

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