Saturday, June 13, 2009

David letterman palin joke

David Letterman is a men, who was sharply criticize for the jokes he told regarding Sarah Palin and her daughter previous this week by a traditional public policy group which lunch "biblical values and family traditions,"
David Letterman’s Palin Joke Crossed the Line
According to its website. Wendy Wright, leader of worried Women for USA, told in Fox’s news reports that the talk show host's jokes regarding the former Vice Presidential applicant were "reprehensible" and "a pretty ugly reflection of who Letterman may be."

David Letterman joked regarding Sarah Palin’s current tour to New York. Politicians are fair game for jokes, However there are limits. Varsity athlete joked regarding Sarah Palin looking for make up that would give her the “sluttly flight attendent look”;

He went additional when he joked about her daughter being “knocked up” by a NY Yankee. He performed many stage shows for joke. Than he become very famous.

If you can read David Letterman’s blog, you know that he was no Palin fan, but as a woman, He can discover this type of comedy offensive. So shame on you Dave you are far too able to sink to this level. Palin will give you plenty of things to joke regarding however her daughter is not one of them.

David Letterman is one of the most popular men, which job is about saying joke to people. He can tell stupid spiteful jokes. However, at heart, he is a kind, good and responsive person. Seriously.

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