Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nit nagpur Tender Notice

1) Contactors are not registered with Nit at the time of bidding, will have to get registered before the issuance of work orders for
get work assigned.

All bids must provide the valid registration copy, EMD, valid VAT Clearance, technical qualifications
documents and other documents, so that B1 form of On-line system with the scanning of all documents and upload
the same document on the web.

All bids must send the certified copy of registration, valid VAT Clearance, valid technical qualification
documents and other documents, so that B1 form. physically, in a sealed envelop mentioning tender no., date, name
of work and the contractor on Nit Head (Technical Department) on the last date of tender receipt only (ie 14.6.09)
and before the stipulated time. Without a receipt for the same financial bids shall not be entitled to the opening, even if
same documents are uploaded by the bid on e-Tendering on-line.

14.06.2009 Tender notice- HERE
18.06.2009 Tender notice- HERE

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