Saturday, June 13, 2009

Demi Moore Bush Picture

The TV Show is after this all matter. The TV Show tosh.0 is not funny is becoming popular day by day, and this is the example of it, the host of this show had told to search about Demi Moore and the past precident of USA George Bush Picture. and all foolish are done a lot of search on it, and this was the big trend in searching in google.Actually host said the searcher to try something new era like Demi Moore and George Bush.

Daniel Tosh (host of Comedy Central show) made a video and posted in a popular video sharing site, and asked people to search for “Demi Moore Bush”. Well, he actually said to search for “Demi Moore George Bush” but after he said no need inlcude the George part.

Then he said to search for “Demi Moore Mr Bush” but no need to enter the “Mr.” part. Then he said “Demi moore look at that bush” but you don’t need the “look at that” part.

Alright So I got what he meant.

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