Friday, June 12, 2009

Movie Review: ‘Zor Lagaa Ke...Haiya’ is strictly for kids !

The kid's film ‘Zor Lagaa Ke...Haiya’ is released on 12 june in all indian cinemas. This is funny comedy movie for specially filmed for children.Girish Girija Joshi had directed this film well. he had experience to make child films.

Review: ‘Zor Lagaa Ke...Haiya’ is strictly for kids !

This film story is based on environment. This time every one is not thinking about the saving trees. the kids shown saving trees in this film. This film will help to come awareness in children for the green house effect and earth environment.

The great hindi villain Gulshan grover is in negative role. The Mithun da is playing a role of beggar in this film. all over the film is very good for kidds and must be watched with family.

There is not any super star is in this film but film says the good story for kids. the kids shown doing actions in this film. much better film for kid who are in age in 10-15.

This film tells a story of five friend how they saves a jungle from cutting near by Mumbai city. and the beggar (Mithun da) helps this kids in their good cause.

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