Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maxx Mobile video |

Maxx Mobile is one kind of mobile application that helps the user to mobile credit card processing solution. Its now very popular and seems useful. other credit cards terminal programs are limited to only allowing a simple charge/authorization but Max Mobile allows a lots of services.

they offer services like Authorize and Capture Charges, Verify and Hold Funds,Void Transactions, Void Holds, Issue Credit/Refund, Fields for comprehensive Order Info, Fields for comprehensive Shipping Info, Fields for comprehensive Customer Info, Transaction Log, Save, Order, Shipping and Customer Info.

This video will help you to know about the Maxx Mobile
For More Information About Maxx Mobiloe Visit Site :

Maxx MobileMaxx Mobile

Maxx MobileMaxx Mobile


Bryan Kennedy said...

Looks pretty cool. iPhone users may also be interested in checking out iSwipe:

Dan said...

The wireless revolution got here . I sear for a wirelesched for a way to accept credit cards and got to, featuring quite a offers to transform your mobile device into a terminal.

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