Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Militza radmilovic wikipedia photo and Look

British Model Militza Radmilovic looks like Katrina Kaif

Militza Radmilovic is a Salman’s new girl in to the Veer film with her Eyes Brown hair and 5.1 heights her look like bollywood actor and Salman Khan’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif- Zarine then the same film has one more Katrina look alike model Lisa Lazarus and now one more Katrina look alike has hit B’Town – she is a British model. She is starring conflicting with Rahul Bose in a shock film.

The buzz is strong about British model Militza Radmilovic’s uncanny match with bollywood actor Katrina Kaif. Militza Radmilovic, for the part-time, is supposedly working with Rahul Bose in I-Dream’s film coming Friday.

The film is incomplete; however, she is already heat up the web because of an unwelcome spell of attention. However, Katrina Kaif, who is the most searched Indian actor in the Internet.

Now, Militza is looking in to one of the Indian film with Rohul Bose titled Friday. The story line of these movies is base on O.W.L.S office of London and has some intense scenses between Rahul and Militza, as per reports.

Katrina is also having opposition from look-alikes like both Lisa Lazarus and Zarine Khan Etc. Moreover, when Katrina started acting in bollywood, that time many people compared her with Hollywood actor Catherine Zeta Jones; even their first names had a few similarity.

How many katrina kaif??????????

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Tinu said...

No one compare with indian hot actress Katrina Kaif

Anonymous said...

Ketrina Kaif start her carrier with modeling in Lodon and then gradually she comes in filmy world. till date she rolls in Hindi, Telugu and in Malayalam film. she struggle very hard in her early life. Kat also won many well known awards for her contribution in Bollywood. she never posed till date in Bikini.internet searchers are very interested in Kat’s keywords like Katrina Kaif hot and sexy photo, Katrina Kaif in Bikini, controversy, biography, latest pics, height, family etc. from Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. she was also awarded by Google for most Most searched Indian celebrity.she is also brand ambassador of IPL team of Bangalore Royal Challengers franchises Dr. Vijay Mallya. she also plan to start her own new blog where she will share her thoughts among the world.

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