Friday, June 12, 2009

Dance season five

It is all time so suitable when the boy and the girl who are eliminate on "So You Think You Can Dance" occur to be in the similar couple, is not it. No messy re-pairings to contract with, a small girl with tall person. However, joking of plot theories sideways, I fully agreed with tonight's elimination.
So You Think You Can Dance Season 5: Top 20 Results Recap

They opened with a collection hip-hop number choreograph by Shane Sparks (who is back after a hiatus). It was kind of a "Hancock" meets "Heroes" conceit, with the dancers apparent to depict derelict superheroes.

Some parts of the custom were tacky, like the newspaper-strewn period and the blowing of magic glitter, however the dancers were.
In this show, top 20 kick off the show with a Heroes-inspired hip-hop dance; choreograph by Shane Sparks, to "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas. It is already obvious that this group has a ton of capacity and, as if Cat says, the elimination is going to be "actually tough." How perceptive, Cat.

After a very sexy tango presentation, the bottom three couple danced for their lives. I was not feeling a lot of life or fervor from Paris Torres. I cringed for the period of Tony Bellissimo's presentation: between his ludicrous group and the sloppy, jokey moves, he was dancing similar to Rerun from "What's Happening!” Asuka Kondoh churned her tiny legs, and she is surely charming onstage.

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