Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hollywood boy Johnny Palermo death

Hollywood actor Johnny Palermo and his girlfriend Alessandra Giangravde was death because of one car accident. The location of the car accident was in North Hollywood. This accident was occurring during the early morning on this Wednesday. No extra information has yet been release to press including cause of the car accident.
Johnny Palermo death

Johnny Palermo appeared in grater than 30 TV shows in his short life career. His accident was occurring on June 8 2009 at early morning in North Hollywood. He was just 27 year old.

That time his girlfriend, Alessandra Giangrande, who was driving the car, she was also killed in to this accident. In the accident only save one men who is brother of Alessandra Giangravde, However he suffered serious injuries. Palermo and Giangrande were distinct dead at the sight.

Palermo was a regular actor on the Nickelodeon series "Just for Kicks" and performed in three episodes of the CW's "Everybody Hates Chris" as Frank Dipaolo, Chris' overgrown classmate.

Palermo also performed in "Cold Case" "General Hospital" "CSI: Miami," "Rules of appointment," "How I Met Your Mother" and "CSI: NY." This drop, the resident of Rochester, N.Y., can be seeing in one of the indie film "Pizza with Bullets." Funeral arrangements have not been proclaim. Johnny Palermo will be really missed around the Hollywood.

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