Friday, June 12, 2009

How to beat astro knights

Astro Knights Island game has been release. However, the game is still not accessible for public. It has been publicize that the game will be release for public accessible on 10th of June. Now, to get into the game, you have to purchase an Astro Knights early on access Pass.

Poptropica lunches this new Astro Knights Island. Before this he was already lunched eight another game. The game is likely to turn into a big hit. In the game, some kidnaper kidnaps the princess of the kingdom of Arturus. In this game, you have to construct your own spaceship to save her from space, where she is not show. To pass during some stage, you may required some cheat and walkthroughs.

The earlier version of this game is become so popular that why Poptropica lunch this new game version. Many fans want to know about this. The query that is active everywhere is that, how do you beat astro Knights Island after you get the term paper from below mordreds bed?
The most famous reply rated by experts is that you have to go to the time in power of Jarko and it will blind the Serbees. What has your knowledge been concerning this? Do you concur with the answer or you have a improved method.

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