Saturday, June 13, 2009

Michael Douglas receive 37th annual AFI life achievement Award

Michael Douglas receives 37th annual American Film institute life achievement Award. This program was hold at Sony Picture Studio Stage 15 in Culver City on this Thursday.
This thing was happen first time in to American history.
Tears and kisses from Michael Douglas at AFI tribute
At that, time s movie clips mosaic playing on a big screen finished with the climatic dinner-entrance scene from Douglas' 1997 film "The Game," in which his role waterfall from atop a building and crash through a goblet upper limit. As it ended, a feat double fell through the "ceiling" over the soundstage and land at the back of a division.

Michael Douglas was not only doing acting in to the film but he can also produce some film. This program you can see in to television as 9 P.M on July 19, 2009. In this award, his speech was as below.

He stays running over the list to make sure he was that same arc," he said from the red carpet. "It is a reality check. He cans not a person who is deep; however it is given me a option to think regarding to material."

He is too youthful to have a son getting a lifetime achievement award," Kirk, 92, fractured as he rose to guide off the evening of testimonials. Pretend to still be burning from the detail that his son had not shed him in the Oscar-winning "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest".

The younger Douglas produced after his father unsuccessful to get a movies version off the ground. The senior Douglas finished with ridicule indignation and sincere feeling: "He has so proud of his son Michael. He do not tell his that very many time."

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