Friday, June 12, 2009

Alabama football

Football series is located at NCAA Alabama and 15 other of the school’s sporty teams on three years’ trial for main violation because of waste of free textbooks, stripping the Crimson Tide of 21 football wins over a three-year time period.
NCAA places Alabama football program on probation
According to the NCAA 201 athletes in 16 sports obtained “impermissible benefits” by with their scholarships to get free textbooks for other students. Alabama recognized 22 athletes, with seven football players, as “intentional wrongdoers” who knew they were getting rude advantage.

The NCAA ruled the football team must leave any wins in which any of persons seven players participated for the period of 2005-07. Alabama said that awaiting a winning appeal, the decision would price the program 21 wins, with the 2005 Cotton Bowl win over Texas Tech and an upset of Florida previous that period.

Eight of the wins with not entitled players happened in 2005, Mike Shula’s greatest season as coach. Neither the football team nor some other sport misplaced postseason eligibility or scholarships.

According to Paul Dee, “The penalty itself is not one that’s directed at the coach”. Who seats the group on infractions and is a former University of Miami athletic director. “It’s one that involves the team. It’s one that involves the players and we consider it’s the suitable punishment below this condition.”

The rest 15 “wrongdoers” were members of the men’s tennis, and men and women’s path and field programs. The NCAA said those persons must leave any records they hold and team point totals will be reconfiguring so from regular period and postseason actions.

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