Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pakistan must win against Netherlands

Netherlands has won one match against England and made a start of upset in T20 world cup. Pakistan also loose their first match vs England thus england recovered from their
defeat but now Pakistan must win today's match at Lord's ground. Now Netherlands have a chance to throwout Pakistan from super eight competition.

Pakistan is now must win against Netherlands

Netherlands team is performing well and England made a huge mistake by ignoring their team and got gift of first defeat by Netherlands. Pakistan will not repeat the mistake and they will make all afforts to win the match. this time only win is not necessary , They have to win by huge score or wicket ohter. Netherlands will also must play for win. so it would be the interesting match at all from Group B.

In the last world cup Pakistan loose final match against India and loose the first T20 World Cup.Pakistan have good players and they always plays for win. there are new players who are performing excellent during this World Cup Series.

The Last match they lost because of the worst fielding opposite England. They lost many chance of catch on field ground and they paid a huge cost of their mistakes. Pakistan team must make their fielding because it is the most effective part of match.

Now they have to play well at huge victory again Netherlands according to condition.

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