Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Plenty of fish server down

You feel this problem???? Plenty of fish servers are down because of its high traffics. www.plentyoffish.com this wed site provides Canadian related online dating service. There are bearing about 10 million member of this site. That is why this web site’s traffic was increase and it’s sever goes down.
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Markus discover program and make Plenty of Fish every on his personal, which in and of itself is remarkable. The site is attractive; however, it certainly became very helpful and gainful for what it is. Now, Markus noted on his May 1, 2009 blog that he hire a programmer to create working for this site, which seem radical for this one-man internet million-dollar trade.

According to many people, Markus a bit conceited and casual when it came to client issues with the site, as he seemed to believe it was forever well how it was and things that many users of this site reported as issues, he saying as insignificant. Like user, images of themselves were indistinct on certain pages because of the programming was not complete to fix the issue.

A www.plentyoffish.com web site’s login matter has arisen and that time you can enter the address of site www.plentyoffish.com into your web browser or any other browser, you are left execution. All this thing is happens with all sites, big and small. A site is, as Google will at smallest amount detail member that is why the site is going to be down, or a splatter page tells them that the site is now under creation.

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