Monday, June 8, 2009

Swine flu comes to India conformation of 11th case

After expanding terror in Europe Swine flu is now seen in India, Not good news for India. Swine flu is the most new in all of the flu and quite dangerous to health of India.

Swine flu comes to India conformation of 11th case

The Swine flu is the flu which expands from piggs. In European country Swine flu tooked lives of more then 100 peoples, this is very dangerous for humans because its virus changes its nature after it enters in human body.

The Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said: "There is no reason for panic because we have taken all the precautions. We have at a task force which is monitoring the situation on daily basis keeping in touch with WHO..."

The most notable point to this situation is that there is not possible to make perfect medicine after this swine flu because its changing nature privilege.

In India till now there are 11th case are positive infected with swine flu. there is the biggest problem infront of The Indian medical team and other countries also. Government must take some speedy steps to prevent people from getting infected with swine flu.

After a long time medical department have to face a huge terror of swine flu. The medical science has invented a lot of new technology, but this time its seems to hard for medical scientist.

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