Monday, June 8, 2009

iPhone 3G and Palm Pre

I phone three G is a multitouch screen phone. Apple is expecting to preview a new I phone 3G at next week’s international developer meeting. In this phone, you have provided some good information and display shot, however it is not actually a pale contrast since you own/use an iPhone.
iPhone 3GS: Apple's codename for tomorrow's unveiling?
IPhone user should not create the button. Moreover, to be truthful, He would not expect an iPhone user to modify it. The iPhone seem easier to use than the Pre, you have been using your iPhone for long time.

It is relate to this if you drive a motorcar all your life and after this drive a 4x4 truck, both drives have different experience.
It has also been take about all over, that there will be an app for an implicit keyboard. They (Palm) had these for the Treo that allowable touching keys all around and altering colors and shape as you like.
At any charge, thank for the good display shots, they will surge me over until tomorrow. An immense reason for me putting as one this glide show was to show area where you will require to re-study/re-adjust to if you are leaving from iPhone to Pre.
The contrast to the iPhone is suitable, He feel, since, whether they like it or not, the iPhone is what all extra smart phones are compare next to.

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