Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lindsay Lohan engaged to Samantha Ronson?

The Famous Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has sparked engagement rumours after she flashed her hand to waiting photographers revealing a diamond ring.

Lindsay Lohan engaged to Samantha Ronson?

Acoording to report The Glamorous Lohan hit in the city's clubs she proudly showing off a gleaming band on the third finger of her left hand on Saturday evening. In the party first she was not ready to let people know about the affair with Samantha Ronson and very active that no body will snap a photo of her with Samantha but after a few drinks she clearly showed her hand with the shining engagement ring. She was holding her hand up for the cameras to get a clear shot of the ring and didn't seem to care who noticed.

This actress is now 22 years old and that is clear, she is now engaged to Samantha Ronson but it could be a publicity stunt also. no matters she was now going to marry the Samantha Ronson or break up with him before marriage, she never makes a talk about her personal life.

Super stars are habituate with all this and this is the part of their life although they are star they are after all humans and it happens in most of stars life.

we must say that now she is planning for her further life with her new engaged boy Samantha Ronson.

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