Monday, June 8, 2009

Keanu Reeves(Matrix Star) as lord Rama, Kevin Costner as Ravana

Uru Patel the NRI industrialist’s ambitious project Hamuman getting bigger by the day. According to report in this project Keanu Reeves will play the role of the Great indian lord Rama, and Kevin Costner will play apposite role of Ravana.

Keanu Reeves(Matrix Star) as lord Rama, Kevin Costner as Ravana

The Uru Patel wants to realize his late brother Raju Patel's Dream.Uru Patel has roped in Hollywood director Luis Mendoki to direct the movie. The motive after this project is to make the modern film of the famous Hindu epic Ramayana. Also heard that indian bollywood actors are also working in this film. Shilpa Shetty is playing a role of Sita. The role of Laxman the younger brother of god rama is playing the indian actor Aseem Merchant. The lead role of this film is not cleared yet.

The real name of ramayana epic's character will be altered because of morden made ramayana.
The Jakie Chan was offered to play the role of Hanuman but he refused because of some personal reasons.

The Keanu Reeves has experience of this this type of plays. He had played this type of role in the film Little Buddha.His Last Film was really great and he done most of action film in hollywood.
Uru Patel working very secretly on this movie. After all if it truth then it will be really interested movie.

Ramayana is best topic for hollywood and hopeful that it will be popular in other nations.

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