Monday, June 8, 2009

It'd be Miraculous if India retains T20 title: Shastri

India started with shining victory against Bangladesh. Indian Team is already Hot favorite to retains T20 World Cup 2009. But this time It's not would be easy for India. And Still Team India is not give easy to any team. But it would be miraculous if India Win T20 Title again. Ravi Shastri made a comment on this point.

It'd be miraculous if India retains T20 title: Shastri

It is true that every team was afraid of team Australia but since two or three months the team Australia looses the match like an minor team. Another Team who can create trouble for India is South Africa. South Africa is now in great form and winning matches as a strong team. The experiences of their players is also well. Last time they lost world cup at home ground because of Indian team not let them to make points that was needed to stay in semi final. New Zealand is also in their good form. The players in that team are dangerous to opposite team. England may also create trouble.

But Still India is Hot Favorite Because the IPL is just finished and Indian players from all teams was performed very well. This experience will help team India for winning the tital and make the threat that no one can beat India.

Mahendra singh Dhoni is best captain in Indian History. Yuvraj Sngh hitted sixes in stuart Bord's over ball by ball again England, that was quite unforgettable. So Cup will remain at India also this time. Best Of Luck India.

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