Sunday, June 7, 2009

CSI Rachael Mullenix Barbara Murdered

Read here The Barbara Mullenix story, Actress for CSI death murdered by son Rachael Mullenix. She is on 48 Hours once more this night. Barbara Mullenix is a CSI extra. Below is video from that broadcast. Rachael Mullenix is 19 year old. She was from Huntington Beach. She was ruling to twenty five years to time. Judges establish that Rachael schemed to kill Barbara with her boyfriend and then deserted her mom’s dead body in Newport Harbor.

When the murder happened, Mullenix was 17. She maintains she didn’t give the wrong. To know that Rachael Mullenix killed CSI actress Barbara Mullenix, I am very surprised. Too sad after hearing that the CSI actor murdered after 19 years girl. Rachael Mullienic conspired to kill his mother, Barbara Mullenix, with her boyfriend and then dumped the body in the mother's Newport Harbor. Rachel is prisoned twenty-five years to life. Rachel Mullenix maintains that she did not kill his mother. She can not believe that this happens to her. Mullenix was 17 when the murder happened. Rachel father also said the same thing with her. He knows in his heart that Rachel does not kill Barbara.

This is sad, seemingly Barbara Mullenix and Rachel Mullenix CSI actor murdered today. I tried to find news, but to no avail. Maybe (and hopefully) there will be a scene for CSI. I love Rachel Mullenix on CSI, more on Barbara Mullenix and CSI actor murdered, Rachel Mullenix dead, tune in on this post.

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