Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger for Predators sequel

Arnold Schwarzenegger the Governor of California was offered in sequel of his hit film Predators was came in 1987. It Was a hit film of that time and now producers of that film is thinking new about that film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger for Predators sequel

Arnold Schwarzenegger is most popular at this age also he is such a great actor as well as great political leader also. His popularity is expanded world wide. He became famous by the film Terminator. The Arnold proved his ability in Hollywood city California. He gave most hit films at his time.

His film Predators was released in 1987 and film got a huge success at box office.
On that bases Arnold Schwarzenegger was requested to act again in a sequel now a days.The 61-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger has been contacted by Robert Rodriguez, who will be producing the film and is awaiting a response from Schwarzenegger's camp.

Arnold Schwarzenegger must give positive nod for this film, but since he gone in politics he has not time so that he can do any movie. The producers are trying to make another hit of this film and it is not possible without Arnold.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger replied positively then it will well come back for him after a long time. and it would be the another hit from Predators film series.

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