Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rickey Henderson & Jim Rice are elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Rickey Henderson Diving Head First a house, or to put off a fast ball or a fly or get a major league uniform is, would never have gone. Baseball the game would never stop him. Henderson Hall of Fame baseball national day was selected in a game, and the Oakland Athletics on Mused he is still with you.I have always with an Oakland uniform again will out," Henderson said. Baseball Hall of Fame enormous Rickey Henderson back to include the expansion takes place. Thursday corky Simpson, a number of problems - "a man Rickey" not - Henderson cake easily - their eligibility for inclusion in the first year, whole 94.8 percent of the votes linings go.Walks and stolen base Akjut Red Sox swallowed, Jim Rice will be the king is scored.

Rickey Henderson & Jim Rice are elected to Baseball Hall of Fame,Rickey HendersonRickey, for the same question is how many voters would be not possible to not vote for him. Well, a little more than five percent voted for him not to be decided. I feel they did this under the guise Remember: All right, Babe Ruth consensus, it is my duty to not vote for Rickey was not selected. The problems with this argument is that it is quite clear, is ignorant. Things change and evolve. He's like: Well, people under the influence before, so I run home and some brown comes back to beat his car has inspired. In any case, Rickey is in, and I think it really matters in all this feels.Rice this season and last chance to vote on the 15th, so it from Bean Town for a powerful Bopper relief should have been. He is unlikely to vote at 76.4 percent (75 percent of revenues that are necessary for the election) was curtailed. Again, but he did it.
Andre Dawson and Bert Blyleven "is close but no cigar," was the candidate. Racked up Blyleven 62.7 percent, while Dawson, 67 percent of the vote overall.Career record holder in the East, only 44.5 percent have received Smith saves.Tommy John will also be his last lap was the ballot. Only 31.7 percent of the ballot was named. Although he is not very useful at the Veteran's Committee to wait, and when it ran Hojes Gil comes to people like Santo.The other NOK votes, but to be qualified as a failure to do are:
- Jack Morris, 44 percent
- Tim Raines, 22.6 percent
- Mark McGwire, 21.9 percent
- Alan Trammell, 17.4 percent
- Dave Parker, 15 percent
- Don Mattingley, 11.9 percent
- Dale Murphy, 11.5 percent
- Harold Baines, 5.9 percent
And all who were eligible to vote in future election will be deleted.
Henderson, Rice Elected to Hall of Fame

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