Tuesday, January 13, 2009

'Danny Boyle' Going To Start another film on "Mumbai"

Danny Boyle, the British director of the "winning film Slumdog Millionaire, Mumbai, to go back to one more to make a movie. I would like a thriller - is the astonishing energy," he said Thelondonpaper. Highest city that it is absolutely right: the there, happiness is great, of course, says the problems are greatest. There is a passionate, romantic city, and it loves a love story. And despite the fact that recently, a city that is on the way to happiness is. You have these incredible out there, but I think that this fate binds together.
'Danny Boyle'Masterpieces in 1996, Danny Boyle's Train prisoner, Ewan McGregor's Renton in Scotland yet disgustingly poetic flow of the Worst Toilet in a handful of pills through. Dirt in the form of search and real bullets overshadowed Scavenged to find her and maps - Hold your breath now the joy of the film is an Ode to a pretty clear impure before it is eligible for the harsh reality is growing.
The film, which "last Slumdog Millionaire", and is based in Mumbai, says the manufacturer of cloth - a slum-dweller money maximize the city, which is absolutely right to demand a reality ShowI game to win the U.S. $ 20 million on the move: the the problems they are there, happiness is great, of course, is the highest. It is a passionate, romantic city, and it loves a love story, "for Slumdog .." and the film recently swept all the Four Golden Globe nominations and critical acclaim, received a group of 52-year-old said DirectorlBoyle of AR Rahman for the movie "Best Original Music Score 'charming India won his first Golden Globe.
Boyle's 1996 film, best adapted Screenplay for Train see Oscar nomination, but he won, we had to win not know, but should have. British film documents grating right we BacklThe Saturday, he was called Porno Irvine Welsh's Train see the sequel to the author about the film thought. That when we look at middle-aged actors and the like. The problem, he continued as the rest of us do not age - it is Dorian Gray, he said.

He won a million pounds when he asked what to do, Boyle Scools Raj Films and is working on the street, which was the first Vice President - on the streets of Mumbai, said the school has said he wants to give this man told the newspaper.
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