Saturday, January 17, 2009

Captain Chesley B. Sully Sullenberger is Hero Pilot

Captain Chesley B 'Sully "Sullenberger, III as a whole today without a single accident in the Hudson River landing for Disabled U.S. Airways jet are welcomed. In the" miracle Hudson said. Read about it in the first accounts of what happened with a video view.

As everyone knows now, U.S. Airways A320, flight documents in 1549, LaGuardia airport from North Carolina, when the power of these two engines had been a regular stop for the plane should have been registered. The engine in a flock of birds flew Kamikaze suicide operation is attacked. People on board the aircraft captain Chesley B 'Sully "Sullenberger, the third aircraft for the operation of any kind was lucky. Within minutes the plane land in the Hudson River as it was landing on a runway. Instead of passengers well today, and how
they glided Hudson to defend on the wings of the plane came to know to tell their stories about the victim of a fiery accident could have happened. 155 souls on board were there.

Sullenberger, Sully is called, is a former fighter pilot. The report in the form of passengers on board was sipping coffee in a hat, Saturday with the oar. After all the passengers on the plane had left him twice, was that all the passengers to ensure the safe departure searched the aircraft. He is a hero is not called a surprise. Of course, that the airline and all involved to sue will not keep the lawyers from the airliner. People, water, birds, cold and fear of the fear of flying will be afraid of fear. But before you take in the action filed all the heat sensing a happy end Basking what could be a real tragedy. Here are some pictures from the landing did.

First Person: Crash Victims Return Home

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