Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ghajini takes a undesirable gathering

The greatest hits of super hits and the film is best, but a decline in the collection sees no problem with what is considered normal for all.But one of the films have to say about it as much as it does in the first week a 1.5-fold to open all the time in the form of business? How much of the fall is normal NOK?
Aamir Khan
There is so much money in the first week, it is still an industry or a decline of 50% will have to follow? Revenues in the first week because of a higher form of "rebate", and therefore should be a pretty good fall 60% should be considered? And an incredible scene in film''In fact, it should be considered a sub -50% fall''just unusual to see?
GHAJINI best describes how the result would be good,''it is unusual! As much as 64 crore in the first week after Raking , adopted by Aamir Khan has not closed yet good. And it is the second in a week, so there are now two weeks of great movies in the list of the elite have found the plane. The film, which is a collection of Rs 90 crore rise to an impressive 26 million left in the extra week of box office is won.The film, as before (their total adjusted with inflation taken into account must consider the films) are without GHAJINI only days away from history will be made. The industry with a time of monumental as RAB NE Bana DI duo is also known by the name of a movie in the cinema happens. This "relatively" short film , and their four weeks in a race to cross the 80 crore still counting. As much as 170 crore for the industry back a half months after coming in, we can say that at the time for the party is here again.

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