Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Apple iPhone Upgraded3G Kings Button for Rs 120000000 only

Ever imagined a mobile phone for Rs 120000000? Apple iPhone 3G Kings Button comes for approximately that much money. If a commoner gets his hand at such a big amount he may think of launching a new venture, buy a duplex in some good neighborhood in any country including Delhi and also get his hands at Honda CRV, the ultimate vehicle for any upper middle class family.But these dreams are merely for commoners.

For super rich this amount may not fetch a matching gift for his sweetheart, may be a yacht or a jet as Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani gifted their wives respectively. But thanks to Peter Aloisson, this amount can get a super iPhone. Made of 24 carat gold and buttons made of best diamonds, this phone can now win the heart of a beauty. This is a phone for only super rich and can easily be called queen of all phones. $2.41 million iPhone 3G Kings Button is something that no one thought would be launched at a time when the West is faced with severe recession.

Brainchild of famed Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson, who evidently missed the memo on the economy, the bedazzling Kings Button sports a solid 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold back panel and trim. A ring of 138 brilliant cut diamonds line the frame, and the home button? — a blinding 6.6 carat mega-diamond, aka the Kings Button. Who would have the money to splurge? Many people can thing. But this is nothing compared to expensive 5 star yachtes that super rich often give as presents to their consorts and girlfriends.

Videorama Apple iPhone 3G-

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